12 Stages of Spiritual Awakening

12 Stages of Spiritual Awakening

You might have heard of spiritual awakening and how it can lead to the state of enlightenment. As a vague and unknowable idea, it could cause a lot of thoughts in your head.

What exactly does spiritual awakening means? It could be described as getting jolted from your slumber and “waking up”?

What causes it to happen or happen? Which steps do to take to get there?

Are you satisfied with the useful experience? Does the experience seem to be similar for all?

Where do we go? What are the implications? What impact does it have on us?

The doubts and questions about spiritual awakening are never-ending.

At one time, this spiritual awakening would be sought after and felt by only a select few masters, saints, intellectuals, savants, and Sages. Now, no more. Many people are searching and experiencing spiritual awakening now.

This article explores this subject and tries to provide answers to the most frequently asked concerns associated with awakening spiritually. It is crucial to know the journey and where you are going for a rich reward.

What exactly is spiritual awakening?

Spiritual awakening is, as the name implies it is the process of awakening the soul or spirit. Sometimes referred to as awakening bliss, or nirvana it’s a way of moving backwards and becoming more aware of oneself as well as the world around us, and coming back to life that is a fresh feeling of being present and alive.

The process of awakening spiritually is usually described as the disappearance the barrier that separates self from self from Universe (or the Ultimate Being). The realization is that there is no way that a person is an individual entity and that everything in the Universe can be interconnected, and connected to the Universe it self.

It was first made popular throughout the Western world by the psychiatrist Carl Jung, spiritual awakening is the process of developing self-awareness , or a higher state of consciousness. It is regarded as a crucial step to becoming more humane.

What is the trigger for awakening to spirituality?

Every aspect of life, from routine daily events to life-changing ones could lead to a spiritual awakening. Life-altering events such as the loss someone dear to you and life-altering accidents, the losing a job, severe health issues, changes in relationships status, or a change in the environment of home, can trigger an awakening spiritually within a person.

The trigger could be as minor as a chance reading the book or getting to know an individual. The smallest of events that can be described as trivial every day events can cause one to take a look at themselves and seek the reality and the purpose behind life.

If you are confronted with questions such as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?” can provide deep answers. This search for the real self can assist in determining the purpose of our existence and help us gain an understanding of the spiritual world.

This quest takes you on a path of self-discovery , and eventually guides and leads you down the road to a state of awakening spiritually.

What are the signs of awakening spirituality?

No matter whether the awakening to spirituality is caused by your deliberate act or occurred by itself the signs of being spiritually awake are the same. It is possible to notice these signs as it gets closer to occur as well.

Disconnection or detachment

An obvious sign that you are awakening is the sensation of separation from the world and the people around you may be a bit confusing and even frightening. Everything you’ve been holding dear to you, and the things you consider to be true and vital appear as if they’re not anymore important, real, or even essential to your existence.

The people you used to love and cherish no longer matters. Things you enjoyed doing aren’t appealing or are engaging. Take your time to adjust to this numbing sensation.

Revamping beliefs

Each person develops their own beliefs throughout the course of their lives from their own personal experiences, as well as other people’s. Most of the time, the beliefs that are cherished are not subject to any fact-checking, and they are seldom examined for truth or truthfulness.

After the process of awakening and experience the awakening, you’re likely to look over, examine, reject your old beliefs, and/or develop new ones. It could lead to significant shifts in your life, including the end of a relationship, resigning from the job you have been working in, or shifting to another location to pursue greater chances. When your preferences and interests change and you begin adhering to a new religion you believe is more compatible with your new values.

Deja vu and the synchronicities

You might have dismissed these kinds of events as just coincidences, but following the spiritual awakening you’re conscious of everything that is happening in your life, and you can observe these events with a greater clarity. You are stunned by the amount of coincidences and déjà vu experiences you experience throughout your daily life.

It can be as easy as always thinking of the person you love getting a message or call from them instantly or even meeting someone out of the blue. The appearance of angelic numbers in your day-to-day life can also be an indication that you are spiritually awake. Deja vu experiences are typical results.

Change in a relationship

When you go through such dramatic transformations on a fundamental level, people around you may not comprehend the significance of the event and what it means to you. They might find it difficult to keep pace with the change and may decide to leave you. This could result in changes to the status of your relationship.

While you may not realize the transformational effect of spiritual awakening the people around you will consider you to be an altered person. There are comments that could be made like “You are not an identical person. I’m not able to remember you any more”. It’s not their fault. It’s true.

You might feel a bit disengaged and unloved. Try to make them understand that you are worthy of what you’re going through and acknowledge the transformation within you. It is also possible to insist that they understand there is no reason for them to alter their behavior instead, simply accept the new version of yourself. How successful you are in convincing them isn’t certain.

There are more signs that you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening or may be about to experience one.

  • Your life is reorganized and color.
  • You are awestruck by the significance of your dreams.
  • You will become much more religious.
  • Your abilities to sense are improved and more efficient.
  • You have the desire to give back to society.
  • Everyone is on their own way.
  • You experience a feeling of isolation and feeling less felt understood.
  • Your routines and habits change as you go through a revision.
  • You feel an increase in attraction to nature.
  • You feel more alert and more sharper senses.
  • Sleep troubles, fatigue and a clouding of your consciousness.
  • Perspectives and outlooks change.
  • Your feeling of compassion and empathy others increases.
  • You view the world with curiosity and wonder.
  • It’s like everything has changed.

What are the stages of awakening spiritually?

The awakening process is a long and tiring one that is broken down into phases to give you a sense of the spiritual journey to come. These stages assist in determining how far along the way you are, and what steps you must take to get there.

The steps described here are only suggestions and are not written in stone. Each person is able to go by the steps at their own pace in their own method. If you’re unable to take the same path or keep the same pace as other people doesn’t mean that you’re doing something wrong. The process of awakening is intended to be a journey of self-discovery, self-realization and finding your way.

Stage 1: Confused as well as frustration and a desire to change

You are feeling depressed, anxious and down about the world. You’re dissatisfied with the current circumstances of your life, and are worried about the direction you’re headed. You are feeling disconnected and not supported by the people who are close to you. You feel isolated and feel as if life is chaotic.

You are compelled to make some change. You’re ready to take control over your own life, and get it under control. You are looking for peace and purpose in your life. You’re looking to be accountable to ensure your satisfaction. You’d like to plan your future’s course and control your destiny.

The frustration of the present and a burning desire to change ignites the hidden source of energy within you, giving you with the power and strength to fulfill your desire and putting your on the road to awakening.

Stage 2: Start of transformation

You’re overwhelmed by an overwhelming feeling of emotions that are connected to the life you’ve lived to this point. You experience a feeling of happiness, joy, excitement and happiness together with heartache and pain.

This mix of good and negative feelings lets you reflect on your life with greater clarity and clarity. It also gives you a fresh perspective. You begin to look at and examine the motives behind your actions, motivations and choices. The first stage toward changing.

3. Bewilderment exam, and internal tug of war

When you think about your life in the past, place it in the spotlight and begin to look at it carefully, you’ll encounter a variety of contradicting feelings. This will create confusion and even anxiety. You’ll be lost and confused about what you should do in your life.

This is an area where that you must be aware of. It’s easy to go down the safest and most straightforward way of returning to the old ways of life and refusing to change. If you do , you will be able to lose everything. It is time for you to make a leap of faith and plunge into the deepest depths of the ocean.

The courage to take this step is what sets apart the ordinary from the extraordinary. It is necessary to conquer the anxiety and internal turmoil to continue on your journey to awakening.

4. Feeling isolated lost, confused, and in darkness

If you can shake off your doubts and put aside the thoughts that are causing you to rethink and thoughts, you’ll discover that the way you think of life as is beginning to fall into chaos, leaving you confused in fear, confused, and completely left alone. If you look around, you’ll be in a dark, deep tunnel that doesn’t have any light to guide you to go forward.

While it can be frightening, this is an inevitable step on the process of awakening. When you are alone and in awe and unsure, all you can observe is the darkness of the world. All around you is despair, pain and degeneration that make you question how it all become so dire.

You’ll feel down and confused and wondering how you can integrate into a society like this. It is tempting to be left alone and completely on your own. This is where you begin to question your motives for existence and the person you are.

Your unsociable behaviour could cause people around you to wonder why you’ve been acting this way. They might not be able to comprehend even if you attempt to explain. Most often, this is dismissed as a stage that will get over eventually.

5. Stage: A tiny sliver light at the very end

While you struggle into the long, dark tunnel, you realise that there’s no need to alter the world. It is enough to make changes yourself , and that will bring about the surrounding world to change. This is a wonderful step, a hope at the end of the tunnel.

This realization allows you to be in touch with yourself and the universe. It is when you realize that you exist in this world to fulfill a purpose There is a specific reason for your existence. Your perspective on the world and people who live in it gradually change.

Reassurance can help you to concentrate on positive emotions like gratitude and love. This is the time that you are likely to be fascinated by learning more about spirituality and the importance of metaphysics in your life.

Stage 6: Redefining views and growing

In this phase your natural psychic skills are developed and applied. Your intuition helps you to realize that no one is superior or inferior, but all are equal. You start to see synchronicity throughout your day which you did not notice prior to.

These changes in your mind suggest how your thinking, emotions and emotions determine your perception of reality. If you can direct your thoughts in the proper direction, you will be able to alter your perception of reality. The realization will have an impact that lasts for the rest of your life, eventually resulting changes in your lifestyle.

7. Understanding the truths about the Universe

The most significant realization during this spiritual journey is the realization that you’re not within the Universe but rather a component of it. As you become more conscious it becomes clear that you have a connection to the Universe and its interconnection with everything that is in it.

As you acquire more knowledge about the Universe and the Universe, you gain more understanding of you and your place within the world.

Stage 8: Being One With the Universe

The realization that you are a part of the Universe is a powerful bond within your. You feel connected to the Universe and understanding the purpose that you are here. You no longer have to deal by questions such as “Who am I?” and “Why am I here?”. The answers you find will assist to enrich your life.

You realize that there is more to life than Universe is black and white, or in a simple tangible shape. You are aware of the importance and power of intent and energy and can use them to enhance your life.

It becomes clear to you that all you have to do to follow the path to higher purpose is to become your authentic, real self. That’s the goal of your existence in this world.

Stage 9 Stage 9: Recognition of your authentic self

When you realize that you must live your the way you want to live by aligning with your authentic self, things begin to fall into place like a puzzle. Your path and your destiny become clearer, thoughts and ideas are flowing as is your existence brimming with peace, joy and abundance. You have everything you’ve ever hoped for.

Your life changes as do your friends and family. Your experiences reflect your current state of higher consciousness. There will be obstacles and difficulties in your life, but you’ll be more equipped and prepared to face these challenges.

Stage 10 Acceptance and surrender

As you progress through your life and realize that you’re one with the Universe You will learn to give yourself to Higher Power and how to work with it. The confidence that all energy is available for you to tap into at any time and that you’ll always have assistance and support that is unwavering can assist you in reaching new highs in life.

Stage 11: Gratitude

When you start living an existence of joy peace, contentment, and happiness as you begin to recognize how valuable your life that you’ve been blessed with. You are overwhelmed by feelings of gratitude and gratitude for the opportunity to live a life that is meaningful.

This gratitude feeling to keep going and carry on the excellent work.

The 12th stage: A higher level of consciousness

When you live your life knowing that the Universe always is there to help you Your negative traits disappear. You radiate positive energy filled with unconditional love compassion, kindness, and love to all the creatures on earth. You recognize that life isn’t that long and each moment must be enjoyed fully as well as enjoyed to its fullest extent.

You know that the spiritual awakening process is about making life simpler, easier and more enjoyable and secure. more pleasurable.

Final thoughts

The process of awakening spiritually might not be identical for all people. Certain phases described above may appear different and distinct. But, the flow of events occurring throughout the process is similar to that of the previous stages.

These stages could come in useful to help you find your way when you’re feeling lost midway on your journey. Another way to think about these stages is the idea that they provide some order to the chaos. It makes the process simpler and makes it easier to understand the process.

While you are enthralled by the journey, don’t overlook the fact that everything is designed to make your life less complex. While the journey might bring some confusion and make you feel lost at first be patient and persevere to find the light and emerge more enlightened.

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