When A Married Man Says I Love You: What It Really Means

When A Married Man Says I Love You: What It Really Means

When a person who isn’t married tells you that”I love you,” it’s easy to believe he is serious about it.

But, when married men say “I love you” to an unmarried woman it could be a confusing and challenging situation.

What is the meaning behind when a man in a marriage tells a woman “I love you”?

I’ve heard a man who was married speak to me about this and , like you I was wondering what he might be referring to.

Did he really mean it or was he referring to something different?

I’m happy to share this post because it has answered my own question as well.

What exactly does it mean when a man who is married declares that he is yours?

It could refer to different things.

Let’s see:

When A Married Man Says I Love You: What Does It Mean?

1. He’s loving you

A married man might say”I love you” since he’s deeply in love.

The relationship can be quite complicated And a man who is married might be seeking some way to escape his relationship.

It’s not about what he wants.

It’s about his feelings.

He may not want to fall romantically involved with someone, however this is what does he feel.

He probably did it in order to be truthful with you.

If he’s honest it could make him feel ashamed and embarrassed because his wife is another person.

It is generally accepted that people won’t use the phrase ” I love you” unless they really mean it as it’s an important statement. Most people would not want to use the phrases lightly or without meaning behind them.

2. He’s experiencing guilt

Another reason why a man who is married may say that he loves you is because you’re feeling guilt.

Perhaps the man has been playing games with his wife in your presence, or maybe he’s got too attached to you.

Whatever the reason an unmarried man who affirms that he loves you is probably feeling ashamed over something.

3. It’s a way to get something from you

Sometimes, a husband will claim to love you in order to obtain some thing out of you.

Maybe he’s trying to convince you to get involved with him or the guy just wants access to your cash.

Here’s the time to be honest with one another.

The main reason that a man who is married will declare his affection for you is that he is looking for something from you. And typically, it’s to to get you into the pants of yours!

Yes, I said it.

Since he’s still married his wife, and has a family of his own.

What else might he need from you?

This is particularly the case if you’ve been keeping him feel happy in bed and doing something that your wife doesn’t want to do with the intention of doing it for himself.

I am sure you would like be convinced that the spouse partner likes you because you’re unique.

Most of the time they’re just trying to take advantage of you to achieve the joy they’re not experiencing from their marriage.


Your relationship with him is one of relation of transaction in particular if the person is attentive to your financial needs.

You make him feel happy He makes you feel comfortable and everyone is content.

4. He’s in a lonely place.

Sometimes, a man who is married may declare “I love you” because the man is lonely and feels neglected.

It doesn’t mean that you are romantically in love with him; it’s more that he’s looking for a companion.

A man who is married may be attracted by a woman and seeks a companionship in case he’s grown detached to his wife.

If you’re blessed with an charismatic personality and you notice that your husband likes to spend time with you He might tell you that they love you because he is a fan of being with you.

6. He’s in love with you but doesn’t want to be in a relationship with you.

A married man could tell “I love you” to one woman who is single because he is in love with her, but doesn’t want to be in a connection with her.

It could be that he’s not yet ready to divorce your wife or perhaps the reason is that he doesn’t want to be around your relationship in this way.

He may be interested in your partner, but don’t expect something to come of it.

7. He’s trying out the waters with you.

“I love you” is an expression used by men to try out their luck with women.

They’re trying to gauge your reactionand, depending on what you have to tell them, he could or may not expand the boundaries.

If you respond with “I love you too,” the relationship will typically improve.

If you don’t and respond, “I like you too,” you might be able to be able to stop and observe the direction it takes.

Whatever way you look at it He’s probably curious to see how things progress with you.

The next question is what do you think about it?

8. He’s trying to make you feel better.

A man who is married may tell “I love you” to an unmarried woman to make her feel happier.

Perhaps you’ve been playing you and is aware that you have feelings for him, or maybe he simply wants to make feel better.

That’s why you shouldn’t think about it as a serious matter.

He’s just being a nice gentleman.

9. He would like to have his cake and enjoy it as well (meaning that he’s looking for you as well as his wife)

This is a further reason the man who isn’t capable of being in a relationship with you will tell you that he loves you.

He’s telling his girlfriend, “I love you,” to express his love for eating his cake and enjoying it.

In another way, he’s hoping to to remain with you as a friend or lover, yet have an affluent wife.

He would like to experience the most from both sides.

10. He loves you and is eager to be able to part ways with his wife.

In the end, a man who is married may declare “I love you” to an unmarried woman because the woman is his love and wants to part ways with his wife.

It’s a rare occurrence However, it happens.

If a man who is married says that, you must consider what you would like to achieve.

Do you wish for him to leave his wife to marry you?

Are you happy simply being a friend, or someone you love?

Take your time to think about the things you would like to accomplish before making the choice.

If a married man tells you “I love you,” it could refer to one among the preceding.

But, the main reason why a married man will say “I love you” to an unmarried woman is because they want something from each other.

It’s not an ideal idea to be too emotionally attached to the spouse of a man who is married.

There are simply too many risks.

So, what should you do when an unmarried man says that you love him?

The first thing to determine is the reason he’s saying that.

Are they just playing around?

Do you know someone who is lonely and requires someone to talk to?

Do you love him and wants to part with his wife in exchange for you?

After you have figured that out, you’ll need to figure out what you’d like to do the next step.

The truth is that an adult man who claims to a woman that they love her does this for his own advantage and not for her benefit.

If a man who is married tells a married man, “I love you,” the meaning is “You make me feel good.”

If he truly loved you, he’d prefer only the best for you that is A relationship that allows you to be committed without guilt and with no guilt, particularly if this is the kind of relationship you desire.

Sometimes people get too caught up in the moment and make statements they aren’t really saying.

Also one could use words like “I love you,” but they don’t have any actual intention of abandoning their spouse in favor of the person they’ve told.

If a husband has said to you that they love you, you must communicate your feelings in a sincere manner.

Don’t be unclear. Do not try to hide your emotions.

If there’s no interest be clear and let him know you’re not interested.

Be aware that a man who is married is married to his wife, and has a duty to his spouse and family.

If you decide to enter into an intimate relationship with a married man you must be prepared to accept the consequences.

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