19 Undeniable Signs He Totally Loves You: How to Know if a Man is Head Over Heels

Falling in love is magical, but it can also be confusing. You may wonder if the man in your life truly loves you or if it’s just wishful thinking.

How do you know for sure if a man has real feelings for you? What makes it obvious he has allowed himself to fall head over heels?

This article will give you clarity. Read on for 19 undeniable signs he loves you deeply, plus guidance on how to handle it.

Signs He Totally Loves You

Why His Love Matters

Before diving into the signs, let’s look at why it even matters whether or not he loves you:

“Knowing you are loved gives you strength”

– Unknown
  • Understanding the relationship – If he shows commitment for the long-term, you can relax knowing you have a caring partner. If not, you can clarify expectations.
  • Clarity on his intentions – A man who loves you will want you to feel secure and cared for. Loveless intentions tend to feel colder.
  • Feeling secure – When you know you’re loved, it’s easier to be open and vulnerable in building intimacy.
  • Reassurance you’re a priority – A man in love will make you feel special and go the extra mile to meet your needs.

While grand gestures may proclaim love, it’s the small, everyday signs that show the depth of his feelings over time.

Now let’s explore the biggest signs that he’s smitten with you!

1. He Makes Quality Time for You

This is one of the most fundamental signs of love from a man. Is he eager to spend time together and make it meaningful?

  • He’ll make regular date nights or impromptu hangouts to bond
  • He’ll put away distractions to be present in the moment
  • He’ll propose fun new adventures for just the two of you

“We would only plan our dates an hour in advance over the phone – the spontaneity made it feel like we were falling in love over and over again.”

– Marissa H., 33

On the other hand, a man who frequently breaks plans or makes you feel like an afterthought does not have the same devotion. A man in love wants you to be a priority.

2. He Touches You Affectionately

Physical touch is a primary love language for many men. If he loves you, he’ll likely demonstrate it through:

  • Resting his hand on your leg when sitting side-by-side
  • Playfully squeezing your hand as you walk together
  • Pulling you close for an unexpected hug from behind

Little signs of physical affection satisfy his longing for closeness with you.

Pro tip: Initiate physical contact yourself too. He’ll interpret it as your way of saying “I love you.”

3. He Opens Up Emotionally

Allowing himself to be vulnerable with you signifies care and trust. Has he revealed his hopes, dreams and innermost thoughts?

“For our one-year anniversary, my boyfriend gave me a box filled with notes about all the things he loves about me. I could tell it took a lot of courage for him to open up that way.” – Jessica T., 28

Men often feel uncomfortable being emotional. The fact that he can confide in you means you hold a special place in his heart.

4. He Remembers the Details

The smallest details reveal how closely he pays attention. Does he recall:

  • Your favorite dessert?
  • The name of your childhood best friend?
  • How you take your coffee?

Noticing and remembering these little facts demonstrates how deeply he connects with your unique essence.

It’s proof he sees you as someone worth knowing fully. Someone he loves.

5. He Includes You In His Social Circle

Wanting you to meet the most important people in his life signals he sees a future between you.

  • He invites you to guys’ night or drinks with co-workers
  • He proudly introduces you as his girlfriend
  • He brings you to frequent family events

Integrating you into different areas of his world means you matter to him beyond just your one-on-one relationship.

6. He Shows Interest In What You Care About

A man who loves you will engage with your passions, even if they aren’t necessarily shared interests.

Maybe he will:

  • Offer to join your book club
  • Ask thoughtful questions about your hobby
  • Listen intently when you gush over a TV show

Showing enthusiasm for the things that excite you makes you feel loved and valued for who you are.

7. He Contacts You Nonstop When Apart

Couples need space to live balanced, independent lives. However, a flurry of “thinking of you” texts or frequently missing you when you’re apart shows someone cares.

“We don’t need to be joined at the hip. But when I’m on a business trip and he sends me a sweet text saying he hopes I’m having a great day, it melts my heart.”

– Danielle K.

As long as he respects boundaries when you enforce them, nonstop contact conveys you’re always on his mind.

8. He Plans For a Future Together

A man in love will naturally involve you in future plans:

  • Asking about your availability for a wedding 6 months away
  • Booking a couple’s vacation he expects you’ll join
  • Wondering where you’d like to live someday

Visualizing you in his future reveals how central you are to his life. It’s a guarantee he sees long-term potential.

9. He Makes Sacrifices For You

When someone loves you, they’ll inconvenience themselves to make you happy. Maybe he:

  • Took a day off work to care for you when sick
  • Skipped guys’ night when you needed emotional support
  • Compromised on which movie to see because you weren’t in the mood for his first choice

Making sacrifices, small and large, shows your needs are as important to him as his own. That’s love.

10. He Opens Up About Insecurities

Has he confessed private concerns about not being as successful as a sibling or doubts about his physical appearance?

Revealing vulnerabilities and insecurities demonstrates intimacy, comfort and trust in your bond.

Don’t underestimate how difficult this is for most men. The fact he can expose his fears means he feels able to be completely himself with you.

11. He Gives You Undivided Attention

Being fully present conveys affection. Does he:

  • Mute his phone when you’re talking?
  • Stop what he’s doing to actively listen?
  • Make eye contact when asking how you are?

Giving you his full attention without distractions shows your time together is meaningful. You have his whole heart.

12. He Talks About Long-Term Plans

Conversations about plans way off in the future reveal optimism about staying together.

“Early on, it felt like my boyfriend was already preparing for a future with me – like asking my thoughts on cities we could live in someday.” – Jamie W., 29

Discussing hopes and goals for years down the line means he can’t imagine his life without you.

13. He Shows You Off on Social Media

Posting about you online demonstrates he’s proud to have you as his partner. Even small ways he includes you in his social media world conveys affection.

Maybe he:

  • Snaps pics together he uploads for all to see
  • Gushes about you in a tweet on your birthday
  • Makes your relationship Instagram official

Social media offers a window into relationships. A man who frequently features you wants to share that part of his world.

14. He Remembers Your Viewpoints

Recalling your opinions – big or small – signifies respect. He sees your perspectives as meaningful, so they stick in his mind.

Perhaps he remembers:

  • You love action films but aren’t into horror movies
  • You prefer mountains over beaches
  • You don’t like salsa but love guacamole

Caring about your point of view and welcoming it shows how highly he regards you.

15. He Goes Out Of His Way To Help

Does he step up to assist with anything from a flat tire to assembling furniture? Those acts of service require effort but he does them happily.

Why? Because making your life a little easier is rewarding. He wants to take care of your needs.

“The time he came over to cook me soup and take care of me when I had the flu made me realize how much he genuinely cares.”

– Sarah L

A man committed to you for the long haul will continue this behavior, not just at the start.

16. He Makes Romantic Gestures

Big displays of romance may seem cliche, but they reveal genuine feelings:

  • A surprise trip to your favorite city
  • Flowers sent to your office for no occasion at all
  • Handwritten love notes tucked under your pillow

A man who goes above and beyond on thoughtful surprises wants to make you feel adored. That’s love.

17. He Compromises To Resolve Conflict

No couple agrees 100% of the time. However, a man in love will actively listen and seek compromise during conflicts.

Rather than:

  • Withdrawing emotionally
  • Refusing to discuss issues
  • Expecting you to change for him

He values your partnership enough to find solutions that satisfy you both. Compromise keeps the relationship strong.

18. He Misses You, But Gives You Space

Missing you when you’re apart shows you’re always on his mind. However, he also respects your need for space.

Maybe you occasionally want a girls’ night or time to focus on hobbies. A man who loves you will recognize those needs while still conveying he cares through check-ins like “Hope you had fun with your sister tonight!”

He finds the right balance between missing you and letting you breathe.

19. He Wants You To Feel Loved

Above all, a man in love will want you to feel cherished through his words and actions.

“He tells me he loves me every night before bed – and has since we moved in together a year ago.”

– Amy P.

He may not express it perfectly every time but you’ll know his intentions come from a caring place.

When a man adores you, he makes sure you’re aware of it!

What To Do If He Loves You

If your man exhibits most of these signs, congratulations! It likely means he has allowed himself to wholeheartedly fall for you. Here are tips on moving forward:

  • Let him know you appreciate his efforts – Thank him when he demonstrates love through small gestures
  • Reciprocate the love – Show you care through actions like making his favorite meal
  • Don’t take it for granted – Nurture the bond you share by continuing to invest in each other
  • Enjoy the security – Soak up the comfort of knowing you have a caring partner for the long-term
  • Keep communicating – Continue having open talks about your relationship and future

The foundation appears strong, so build on it stone by stone. Savor each moment with someone who loves you just as you are!

The Bottom Line

Not every man will express his devotion the same way. But when you tune into the subtle signs, you’ll recognize if he cares for you deeply.

The key is noticing how he shows up for you each day – through affection, details, compromise and more. These little clues expose his true feelings.

So pay attention to his actions. The evidence will reveal if he has allowed himself to tumble head over heels in love with you.

Now it’s your turn: What signs of love have you noticed from your partner or past partners? Share your experiences in the comments to help other readers!

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