Splendid 9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You

Want to drive a man crazy with desire and get him to chase you? Sending the right flirty texts can make him obsessed!

In this article, we’ll explore how to captivate any man and spark his interest using text messages. You’ll discover 9 proven, flirtatious text strategies with examples you can send today.

Read on to master the enticing art of flirty texting…

9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You

Why Flirty Texts Make Men Crave You

Before we dive into example texts, let’s look at why flirty messaging works so powerfully.

For starters, texting allows you to create an intimate, private world between you and your crush. It’s just the two of you, flirting and conversing one-on-one.

Flirty texts also create anticipation and excitement. You can send cheeky messages back and forth building tension, then leave him begging for more.

Another benefit is you can take your time crafting witty, charming responses. Carefully crafted texts allow you to “say” things you might be too shy to say in person.

Finally, flirty texts spark his imagination as he pictures you and all your sensual suggestions. This kicks his chase instincts into high gear.

Now, let’s explore the 9 proven types of flirty texts that drive men wild!

9 Texts To Get Him Chasing You 

1. The Compliment

What do men crave above all else? Ego stroking and validation! Sending compliments is one of the best ways to make a man feel good and chase you for more praise.

For example:

  • “Wow, I love how you’re both so ruggedly handsome yet so thoughtful and sweet. You’re a rare catch :)”
  • “That blue shirt makes your eyes look SO gorgeous. You should wear it on our next date!”
  • “I couldn’t stop staring at you in that suit last night…so sexy!”
  • “Your passion for helping others is so inspiring. You’re pretty much the full package!”
  • “I wish you could see yourself through my eyes. You’re so charming and fun to be around!”

The key is to compliment him on something specific, not generic. Gush about his smile, style, physique or personality. Make him feel seen and appreciated.

Pro Tip: Send a random compliment or praise out of the blue. The unexpected boost will delight him!

2. The Playful Tease

Once you establish a flirty rapport, keep things fun by teasing him about little quirks that you find cute:

  • “Haha did you really just say ‘Groovy, baby’? What are you, an Austin Powers wannabe now? ;)”
  • “Aww you were so excited about that new action figure! I love how you’re just a big kid at heart.”
  • “I can’t believe you just tripped walking up the stairs. You’re even clumsier than me!”
  • “You always double knot your shoelaces. So adorably dorky!”
  • “The way you freaked out over that spider was hilarious! My big brave man is scared of itsy bitsy spiders?”

Playful teasing creates natural back-and-forth banter and sexual tension. Just avoid mocking more sensitive things he’s insecure about.

3. The Inside Joke

Bring up something funny or memorable only the two of you were there for. Inside jokes strengthen intimacy and make him feel special:

  • “I just heard that new Ed Sheeran song and it reminded me of our embarrassing karaoke duet lol! Our horrified audience will never forget it.”
  • “Someone just told me a awful pun and I reflexively laughed, thinking of your awful puns. Oh man, our senses of humor really are too alike!”
  • “Remember that time we tried to cook dinner together and set off the fire alarm? We’re still banned from my kitchen lol!”
  • “I saw a dog that looked just like Boomer today! Remember how he jumped in the water after that stick and came out looking like a wet mop?”
  • “Someone around here is baking cookies and it smells just like when we tried making cookies from scratch. Those hockey pucks we baked would make better doorstops!”

Referencing shared memories and jokes shows him you treasure your exclusive bond.

4. The Future Plan

Plant enticing seeds about romantic future plans or dates to spark his anticipation:

  • “I can’t wait for our camping trip this weekend. Just you, me, cozy bonfires, and comfy sleeping bags under the stars…”
  • “I’m going lingerie shopping this weekend. Maybe I’ll model some racy choices for you next time we meet up…”
  • “I’m so excited for our couples massage this week. The thought of your strong hands rubbing my back… I’m already relaxed!”
  • “Can’t stop thinking about finally visiting Paris together one day. Strolling hand in hand along the Seine river at sunset…”
  • “You + me + beach vacation = best trip ever. I’m so ready to see you shirtless on the sand and rub sunscreen all over your back…”

Paint a vivid picture then leave details to his imagination. This builds eager anticipation and sexual tension.

5. The Hypothetical

Ask “what if” questions to engage his imagination and fantasies:

  • “If we could snap our fingers and instantly teleport anywhere in the world together, where would you want to take me?”
  • “If we could do anything together tonight, without any restrictions, what would you have in mind?”
  • “If you had one superpower, what would it be and how would you use it to wow me?”
  • “Let’s say we switched bodies for a day – what’s the first thing you would do?”
  • “If money was no object, what’s your dream date for us?”

This prompts him to fantasize and flirt back. See where the conversation leads!

6. The Sensual Description

Use vivid, tantalizing descriptions to turn up the heat. But keep it classy:

  • “Thinking about our last night together… I can’t stop replaying how your strong hands felt as they explored every inch of my skin…”
  • “You looked so sexy yesterday in your suit. I love when I catch a glimpse of your muscular forearms and broad chest as you take off your jacket…”
  • “I can’t stop picturing you in that swimsuit, water dripping down your abs…if only I could reach through the phone and run my hands along your strong shoulders…”
  • “The way your lips kissed my neck last night still gives me chills. I never wanted you to stop…”
  • “I’ll never forget slow dancing with you, your arms wrapped around me. I felt so safe and turned on all at once.”

Paint a steamy word picture for him. His imagination will fill in the rest.

7. The Funny Meme

Send him hilarious memes related to jokes or experiences you’ve shared:

  • “OMG this meme made me laugh so hard! Had to forward it to you…”
  • “This reminded me of that time we tried to assemble IKEA furniture together, lol. I treasure our funny memories together!”
  • “Speaking of funny cat videos, remember that one we laughed at for hours? Just thinking about it still cracks me up!”
  • “I know I already sent one meme today, but this one was too perfect not to send. Our shared sense of humor is the best!”
  • “Hahah this is so us! If you can’t flirt via funny memes, are you even really dating?”

Laughter and inside jokes strengthen bonds and make romantic partners feel closer.

8. The Good Morning

Make him smile first thing in the morning with an affectionate text:

  • “Good morning, handsome! Hope you have an amazing day today. Looking forward to our date tonight!”
  • “Rise and shine, sleepyhead! Sending you virtual hugs and kisses to kickstart your day!”
  • “Good morning, sunshine! I’m just laying here thinking about how lucky I am to have you in my life.”
  • “Wake up, cutie! I’ll be dreaming about your smile all day until I can see you again tonight.”
  • “Up and at ’em, good lookin’! Wishing you an incredible day from your favorite morning person ;)”

Cute good morning messages start his day off feeling loved, appreciated, and excited.

9. The Random Compliment

Out of the blue, send a text highlighting something you admire or appreciate about him:

  • “I was just thinking about how inspiring your passion for photography is. You have such a talent for capturing beauty!”
  • “I don’t think I’ve told you lately how sexy I find your confidence and intelligence. I love our stimulating conversations!”
  • “You constantly take my breath away with how caring, thoughtful, and loving you are. I’m so grateful for you!”
  • “Not sure what prompted this thought, but I was just reflecting on how supportive you’ve been lately. You always know just what to say. It means the world.”
  • “Had to text you out of the blue just to say how impressed I am by your work ethic and dedication. I admire you so much!”

Random compliments without any occasion behind them will delight him and boost his ego.

Flirty Texts Based on Relationship Stage

You’ll want to adjust your flirty texting approach based on your stage of the relationship:

Just Started Dating

Keep it light, friendly and not overly sexual. Flirt gently through playful compliments, funny memes and hypotheticals about dream dates. Ask questions to get to know him better.

New Relationship

Up the sensuality a bit through steamier compliments about his body and romantic word pictures about memories together. Tease him more about cute quirks too.

Established Relationship

Get more direct with seductive compliments about his appearance and how he makes you feel. Reminisce on your favorite sexy memories. Be open about your fantasies and future desires.

Long Term Relationship

Focus on appreciating him for the little things that make your bond unique. Send silly jokes and memes to make him laugh, and thoughtful reflections on why you love him. Compliment his non-physical qualities.

Mastering The Art of Flirty Texting

Now you’ve got 9 proven types of flirty texts to ignite attraction and get him chasing you.

Here are a few more tips:

  • Don’t overload him with constant flirty messaging. Spread out your texts strategically.
  • Match his texting pace at first, then pull back slightly to increase intrigue.
  • Exit the conversation first to keep him wanting more.
  • Use emoji liberally to convey tone. But don’t overdo it.
  • Sexting and explicit photos are risky. Build more anticipation with subtle hints instead.
  • If he doesn’t text back, don’t overtext. Give him space to increase desire.

The key is learning the art of texting just enough to hook his interest, then reeling back to amplify the intrigue and spark his chase instincts.

How to Keep The Flirty Text Banter Going

Once you get the ball rolling, keep up the steamy yet playful banter! Here are some tips:

  • Don’t just give one-word answers, expand on your thoughts.
  • Mirror his texting length to maintain the flow.
  • Bring up new shared experiences you can joke about.
  • Revisit inside jokes from your past.
  • Occasionally surprise him with a spicy compliment to fan the flames.
  • Respond to his texts consistently without much delay.
  • Use rhetorical questions to keep the conversation going.

The longer you can keep the witty text chemistry flowing, the stronger your connection will grow!

Signs He’s Into You Based on His Texts

Look for these positive clues in his texting habits:

  • He initiates first contact frequently.
  • He responds quickly, within 5-10 minutes.
  • His texts are long, detailed, ask you questions.
  • He continues the playful banter you start.
  • He texts you funny memes or jokes.
  • He makes romantic plans over text.
  • He compliments your appearance.
  • His texts get flirtier and flirtier.

These are all good signs he’s feeling the chemistry! Text chemistry often leads to the real thing.

Ready to Text Your Way into His Heart?

Now you’ve got tons of ideas and examples of flirty, enticing (yet classy!) texts to capture his attention and get him chasing you.

Remember, keep things playful, positive, subtle and creative. Smartly-crafted texts allow you to take your time conveying personality and wit – which is highly attractive!

So have fun crafting the perfect flirty message for your special someone. Take your conversations to a thrilling new level. Just don’t overwhelm him – make sure to stimulate the chase by pulling back and making him work for more!

Wishing you happy text flirting and passionate pursuing from your crush. May the flirty texting force be with you!

Flirty Texting Step-By-Step

Here’s a quick summary of how to progress from getting his number to getting him hooked:

  1. Get his number in a natural way, don’t ask for it out of nowhere.
  2. Start with a friendly text like “Hey it’s Jessica! Good to meet you today.”
  3. Chat normally at first, then sprinkle in playful compliments or inside jokes.
  4. Try a flirty hypothetical question or funny meme to kick things up a notch.
  5. Keep the steamy yet casual banter flowing over a few days or weeks.
  6. Wait for him to initiate sometimes to increase intrigue.
  7. Drop a sexy compliment about his looks when he least expects it.
  8. Refer back to a memorable romantic moment between you two.
  9. Text less frequently for a day or two, then surprise him with a thoughtful message.
  10. Ramp up the flirt factor with a subtle yet seductive text.
  11. Now that he’s hooked, you can finally ask him out again!

And voila – you’ve smoothly texted your way into his heart. Good luck!

Text TypeExamplesPurpose
Compliment“That suit looks so sexy on you.”Stroke his ego.
Playful Tease“You’re such a big kid!”Create playful banter.
Inside Joke“That song reminds me of our karaoke fail.”Strengthen emotional intimacy.
Future Plan“Can’t wait for our trip this weekend.”Build excitement and anticipation.
Hypothetical“If we could do anything tonight, what would you want?”Engage his imagination.
Sensual Description“I can’t stop thinking about your hands exploring my skin.”Turn up the heat.
Funny Meme“This meme made me think of you!”Bond over laughter.
Good Morning“Good morning, handsome!”Start his day off smiling.
Random Compliment“Your passion for photography inspires me.”Make him feel appreciated.

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