7 Signs She Wants to be More Than Friends

Signs She Wants to be More Than Friends

In the realm of relationships, the majority of people are ignorant. Many aren’t aware that they’re in a relationship. This is particularly relevant to signs that she would like to become more than just friends.

Most guys do not see the signs due to the fact that they’re either timid or ignorant.

Do you have female acquaintance and you aren’t sure if she is looking for something more than friendship this article is perfect ideal for you. We’ll go over seven reasons why things she’s looking for to be more than just friends, to give you an idea of what’s happening.

Signs that she is looking become more than just a friend

Love and romance can be a sneaky way to appear as a sign of friendship between two sexes at any point. It’s harder to recognize in the event that both parties are unaware of it. If you’re the first one to be aware of it, it is possible to get to confirm your decision. In the event that you don’t, you’ll ruin a wonderful relationship.

If your female friend falls attracted to you it will show through her actions and body language. She will communicate her feelings to you with subtle signals. When you are aware of the position she is taking and you are able to make your moves confidently.

If you are relying on the signs to determine the thoughts of a woman do not rely on just one single sign. Choose your preferred option after seeing a number of them, thus creating an order.

Without further delay we’ll look at the indicators she’s trying to become more than just friends.

1. She’ll make a comment in this direction.

She’s dropping hint. Perhaps subtle and vague. But these are clues to draw your attention, should you pay to pay attention.

She could be hiding the girls in her normal conversational style. For instance, she could say that the girl who has your attention is fortunate. She could also find fault with each girlfriend of yours. She believes that you’re way too attractive for them.

Maybe she’s hoping become your friend, and is trying to portray herself as such, while sabotaging her adversaries with unflattering remarks.

If you see this, take in the message and try to make sense of the situation. Be careful not to immediately react. The most important thing is to not be angry at her behavior. Be aware of the situation and know what you want before you decide on the best response.

2. She is more of her girlfriend.

You think of her as a friend, one of the very best you’ve ever had. But you discover that she’s straying beyond your friendship boundaries, and accessing your personal space without your permission.

When she looks at you Do you feel uncomfortable? Do you feel comfortable with the breach of the boundaries of friendship?

Perhaps you’re not consciously helping her. You also enjoy the pleasure of mixing your love for each other with romantic feelings. But , is she with you whenever you’re feeling at your wits end? Do you have her there to help you whenever you need assistance?

Men will assist you at any time they are able to. They might not be ready to be there whenever you need them or abandon all they’re doing to help. But, the situation will be more complicated in a romantic relationship.

If she’s willing to provide unconditional help and is at your side whenever you are in need, she’s striving not to just be just a good companion to you.

3. She is devoted to giving all her spare time to you.

She responds to your messages in a matter of minutes. It’s like she’s waiting to hear from you. She always answers your calls. You feel like she’s waiting for you to make a phone call.

It appears that she has no other desire in life , other that spending every time with you. Only if you’re willing to listen, her motives are clear as day.

4. She would like to hear about your family and your friends.

If she’s looking to be only your friend, she will not worry about all of this. You’ll have a great time when you have time and that’s all. She will not show any interest in your past, or even want to learn the details about you family, if she is just your acquaintance.

Then she shows to your home while your family is there. She puts in extra effort to be friendly with your siblings and parents. In actual fact she has established solid bonds with each of them. Your family members know her well.

She clearly wants to convince her that she would like to become more than just a person you can trust.

5. She’s jealous when you take her out on dates.

She considers female companions as competitors if you don’t do not give them the attention they deserve. She could expose their shortcomings and flaws to prevent your from giving them any more attention, and transforming friendships into something deeper. She will do her best to avoid women who would like to flirt with you.

If she’s looking to keep her attention on your private life it is possible that she will do these things in subtile ways. If you are aware of the things you’re looking for it’s hard to ignore. She’ll be agitated and angry quietly. The more she attempts to hideher face, the more apparent it will be.

6. She idolizes you.

She believes you’re the most beautiful man on the planet. She’ll be laughing at any joke you make even the snarky ones. In addition to having fun it’s an anxious reaction to make her happy.

In her view she believes that you are not doing anything wrong. You will be defended when someone attempts to insult or harass you. She will attack anyone who tries to make fun of you. She’s as fierce as a lioness protecting her cub.

They are instinctual when she is playing and therefore, difficult to imitate. It is likely that she’s not aware of what she’s doing. This is a great indicator to trust.

7. She is able to enter your private space.

She is either too close to you, more than your normal male friend. She frequently touches you lightly which is unusual for a male friend of the norm. She is more observant than normal eye contact. She plays with you and utilizes her femininity to her advantage to draw you closer to her.

She might not be performing these gestures with a sense of. The gesture may not be sexual in any way. It could be her hand lightly touching yours. or the body of her leaning against yours while trying to grab something. Or, place her hand on your knee while you talk.

She could enhance her appearance when you’re in the vicinity. She always looks her best when you look at her. She is always trying to show her best self to you. It is evident by the way she poses and walks.

Bottom line

She might play the look as a damsel-in-distress to attract your attention. She might solicit your assistance to keep your attention focused on her. If a girl has a desire she will employ every trick she can think of to obtain what she needs. It’s you that she is looking for.

She is a follower via social networks. She makes comments on each social media update. She may even go through old posts on social media and share it with friends or followers. In reality, she’s current with your social media updates.

Women aren’t difficult to read when you’ve got opened the right book and on the correct page. It’s all about knowing how to read signs as well as body language. When you’ve confirmed your love for her then you must turn towards yourself and understand your mind. In either case, inform her of what you think about it.

These are the signs that she is looking to go beyond friendship. If you’ve observed any of these indicators then it’s time to move things into the higher echelon. If you don’t, somebody will and you could be lost forever to your best friend.

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