7 Reasons Why Do Guys Distance Themselves After Intimacy


It could be strange at first when you see a man is able to walk away after having an intimate time with you.

This can make you think about his motives. It is normal to be in a state of confusion about what the person really wants from you.

In the beginning of your relationship, you’re just trying to learn about each other better and better. This can be difficult to know what you can be expecting from your partner. This is the same to him, too.

If you’ve had an experience such as this, it’s best to look deeper to find the true reasons instead of making a quick decision. There could be some legitimate reason for pulling off from your. It could be that he isn’t trying to stay away at all, he may be having a break in order to focus on other matters.

This article focuses on the realm of relationships and identifies some common reasons men withdraw from the intimacy. When you have the reason behind “Why is he acting distant after hooking up?” You can come up with ways to stop it and make him more comfortable.

Why do men pull away following an encounter?

There could be a variety of reasons for why he’s distant following an intimate relationship. Instead of trying to guess the reason of their behavior and then criticizing them, go straight to the source. Find out the truth.

If you’re still not prepared for this discussion, however you’d like to know the truth of it, continue reading.

1. He’s not yet ready for the idea of a relationship.

The fear of feeling emotionally drawn is among the main reasons men avoid sexual intimacy. Men are incredibly difficult to discern at this point. It can be difficult to distinguish when a guy is love with you or they are just looking to get physical and emotional intimacy.

The guy may have made it obvious in one way or another, and you could not have noticed the signals. If you begin to notice someone, you have be sure to have your ears and eyes open in order to recognize the signals. Also, you should learn to interpret these signals accurately so that you’re not in any false impression.

This knowledge can be useful in situations such as this.

2. He’s interested only in one-night-only relationships.

It might be difficult to take in, but it’s the truth. It is possible that you misinterpreted his signals and opted to intimate physical contact, believing that it was the start of a lasting relationship. Unfortunately, he didn’t have plans to commit to a long-term relationship.

The goal of his was simple and straightforward – instant satisfaction. He could even promise you anything you’d like to receive what they would like. When he leaves, do you realize that you’ve been deceived. This isn’t the ideal situation , but you can prevent pain by being aware of the subtle or visible signals.

3. He is scared of being injured.

Perhaps he has had a negative event that is making him fearful of the emotional pull. He isn’t looking to get caught up in the emotional intimacy of you and be emotionally connected with you. It could be that he’s exposed to similar experiences through affectionately loving you. That means there is no chance of love or a relationship.

A few attractive men distance themselves after intimacy , as it makes them feel vulnerable and less attractive. Although you might not agree with him, there’s nothing you can do regarding this. If he comes to realize his error in the future, he could return to revive the friendship.

4. He uses it to understand your mind.

Men have difficulty to discern the thoughts of women. If they’re unsure of the motives behind your actions, they employ intimate relationships as a way to get the answer. Before they make that big move, they simply need to know what they think with you.

When men withdraw after a physical encounter They are watching your actions and reactions. If they think you’re not happy with the decision to leave and they are confident that you are interested in the relationship. This is a good method of gaining insight into your thoughts. It takes many different kinds to build the world!

5. You did something to upset him.

A few attractive men have a difficult time getting together to women that are overly open about their emotions. Also, those who are too affectionate.

There is it acceptable to express your affection and love, but your partner may find it overwhelming. Maintaining a distance could be his method of instructing that you need to be more gentle.

It’s bound to cause problems for you. You liked him , and it seemed like he was a fan of you. It’s quite confusing to you. If you’re looking for someone who is equally expressive, you’re not the right one for you. It’s your choice to decide whether to pursue him.

6. You’re speeding far too fast to him.

Although women are more open in their thoughts and emotions however, men tend to be more cautious generally. In your excitement perhaps you were more enthusiastic and exuberant than your typical self. It is possible that he found it too much for him to take in. Perhaps, he’s being overwhelmed by your actions.

In such situations it is normal for him to maintain his separation from you. He gives you the chance to relax and become more normal. He’ll do the same when he feels your speed is too fast for him. He will leave your presence to allow you to ease up. If this is the case he will return to you when he’s sure you have understood his request.

Also, you must think about whether you would like to keep a relationship with this particular person.

7. He couldn’t find you to be appropriate for his needs.

Perhaps you weren’t with his expectations. He was not satisfied with the result. Although this might come as an unexpected or shocking experience to you, it’s the way it works. In the end, he is entitled to the power to choose which things he would like to do and who he wishes to spend time with. And, he may not want to be around you.

It’s bound to be a disappointment for you. However, you won’t be able to change the outcome. The only thing you can do is hope to have luck again.

The final thoughts of guys who get over themselves after an intimate relationship.

Perhaps he’s experiencing an inner demon or is afraid of the emotional attraction, or simply wants to take a break to overcome the refractory stage. There could be a myriad of reasons men choose to walk away from you following sexual intimacy. It is always better to get the facts straight and not be relying on guesswork and speculations.

When you know the proper reason for the behavior, you are able to determine the best plan of action. In general that you give him space is strongly recommended because it is what he is looking for. Do not be overly affectionate or letting him know you’re content to stand back and leave space for him.

Whatever you decide to do, ensure that you create an open line of communication at the beginning of your relationship. This will allow you to overcome this stage as well as those you will meet later on.

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