14 Signs He is Hurting After the Breakup

14 Signs He is Hurting After the Breakup

Have you ever thought about whether your ex is suffering after the breakup? If yes, you’re not all alone. A lot of people have questions about the health of their ex-partner after a breakup.

Breaking up is difficult for anyone, no matter the strength or courage they may appear. The emotional pain that comes with the breakup can be severe and overwhelming. It’s not only women who feel the pain of a break-up; males too. It can be more difficult for men to handle emotions since society is expecting them to be tough and strong.

If you’re trying to assist your partner to heal after a breakup, check for these signs that indicate you can tell he’s hurting due to the breakup.

1. He has a hard time let go

The mind of the man accepts that you’ve broken apart but his heart is not willing to admit the truth. It’s still longing to you, and for your presence. In the end it will keep reaching at you. He’s not able to let go. He will employ every trick to keep you in his grasp.

He’ll text or call your numerous times throughout the every day. He’s desperately trying to stay contact with you.

2. He acknowledges that he’s deeply missing you.

This is among the most obvious signs that it is that he is suffering from the breakup. He’ll be open and emotional about the way he feels about you.

The decision to split was made in a joint manner, however the man is struggling to accept the reality. It is a traumatic experience for him when you awake to the truth of the breaking up. He feels lonely and unloved. He loves you so much that he is willing to admit that to you.

He’s not attracted to putting on a show before you. To admit that he’s not happy with his girlfriend after the breakup is not an easy task. His current mindset is so fragile and fragile that he isn’t given the option of choosing.

3. He’s in denial

While the breakup was a joint decision and he was not responsible for it, he’s still terribly affected by the breakup. He is unable to accept this reality. He acts as if it is merely a phase or an unplanned break. It will be back in the future.

Or , he believes that he will be convincing enough to convince you to reconsider your decision about breaking up. Even if you inform him that it’s your decision to make He isn’t ready to believe it is the final decision. He is still hoping that you’ll return to him. He’s in denial.

4. He’s in a rebound romance

He’s left alone after you broke up. He is too lonely to be on his own. He is feeling alone without a person to share his time with. In a short amount of time searching for someone else, he locates someone to take your place. This is a perfect example of an unrequited relationship.

He is trying to find peace with the new person within his own life. Based on his actions it is clear that he’s hurt from the breakup and is trying to ease the pain of the new romance.

He makes use of his new relationship and partner to distract himself from the grief of breaking up.

While he’s unaware of it, it will be apparent at some point or another.

5. He cuts off ties to you in complete

Although some men tend to be reluctant to allow you to go, some are able to deal with the trauma of breaking up with a cut off. Your voice and presence can be too traumatic for him to manage.

He is concerned that your constant presence in his life is going to cause more stress for him. He is worried that he will not be able to manage the emotional burden of the constant presence of you.

He wants to run away from you as far as possible. The idea of removing you out of your life would be the ideal method of coping for him.

6. He stays away from you

After you parted from your relationship and he or you left the house you shared You haven’t been in touch with him. Your mutual acquaintances have not either. It’s as if the person has been underground and has buried himself in a corner of the globe, far from all the people he has ever met.

This is another technique that men use to deal with the emotional trauma of a breakup. He isn’t willing to be around anything that could be thought of as a reminder of you. He’s running away from you to confront the pain and to heal her broken heart. He will come back after he is completely healed and is feeling comfortable about it.

These are a few indicators that he’s suffering after the breakup. If your ex shows any of these signs it’s a sign that he’s not completely quite over you and is trying to cope with the effects of the breakup.

7. He will remove you from his friends list on social media.

Today, social media is utilized by many people to let their partners know their relationship status. When a relationship ends the person will alter the status of his profile to “single.” Some men might not be content with this on its own. They may also decide to break off ties with you in the online world. They might remove you from their network or block your account.

This could be a way in order to get over his grief. Each time he stumbles across your photo or blog it is like he’s feeling the hurt of his wounds over again. To recover, he’ll need be away from you in all ways.

8. He resigns

One of the indicators that he is suffering after the breakup is the fact that the move to a new location. He is looking to begin afresh in a new setting with new people. He changes jobs and moves to a different city or even another country.

Another coping strategy that he uses to cope with the trauma of breaking up. If you’re living in the same area and moving with the same direction it is inevitable that you will run into each other a lot.

In the midst of suffering due to his breakup experience, he is irritated to come to you or your common acquaintances. He chooses to move to a different city to stay away from everyone he has known.

If he decides to move to a different city after breaking up this is an indication that an emotional wound. He’s helping himself by getting away from the path and establishing a secure space and a peaceful setting to repair his heart.

9. He does not want to talk about the incident.

After a breakup it’s normal for both parties to go through a range of emotions. Although one person might be ready to let go swiftly, the other could require longer to get over the trauma.

If your ex-partner seems to be withdrawn and isn’t willing to discuss what transpired It’s a sign the relationship isn’t over. He might be trying to determine the cause of the issue and what he can do to correct it.

Meanwhile, he’s setting up a wall to shield himself from further injury. If you give him space, he’ll most likely be able to come back in the time he needs and will be able to speak once he’s feeling better.

10. He has difficulty sleeping or eating.

Breakups can be difficult It’s obvious that he’s struggling manage what has happened. He’s lost appetite and is struggling with sleeping, the physical indicators that stress is a factor.

He’s also clearly stressed, and is concerned and thinking about the breakup continuously. It is taking a lot on his health, physically as well as emotionally.

It’s crucial to give the body time to heal and offer support when the need arises. This is the only way he will be able move on after the split and begin to feel more comfortable.

11. He’s drinking or using substances more often than normal

If your partner is drinking or using more drugs than normally, it’s an indication that he’s suffering. It’s possible that he’s using the alcohol or drugs to alleviate the pain and loneliness that he’s experiencing.

This is a risky way of coping that could result in addiction and other issues later on. If you spot this warning it’s crucial to contact the person and offer assistance and encouragement.

Inform him that you’re here for him , and encourage him to seek out professional assistance when needed. This is a warning signal that shouldn’t be overlooked.

12. He’s screaming in rage

If your loved one is suddenly screaming in frustration, it’s a sign that he’s struggling with the breakup in a healthy way. It could be that he is slamming at family members and friends or fighting with strangers.

This is a sign of his emotional turmoil and he is in need of assistance to deal with it better.

If you’re worried about the health of your loved one discuss with him the situation and offer your help. Help him discover healthy ways to express his feelings and to overcome this difficult time.

13. He’s struggling to concentrate or finishing tasks

He’s struggling to concentrate or finishing work. This could indicate that the person is having trouble navigating his work schedule following the breakup.

You may notice that he is slipping up at school or work due to the fact that the student isn’t able to focus on any other thing. If you notice these symptoms, it’s crucial to get in touch with him and assist him in getting back to normal.

Let him know that you’re here to support him. Offer any assistance you can. Help him develop plans to make it through this challenging period. He’ll appreciate the help and could be able to repay your kindness in the future.

14. He’s sad and depressed.

He’s trying to find the direction of the tunnel. He’s depressed and could be thinking about self-harm or even suicide. This indicates that he’s in need of professional help to help him through this difficult period of time.


If you notice some of these indicators that indicate he is injured after the breakup, allow him some time to recover.

Although he might try to conceal how hurt he feels however, you could be able to see the pain of his soul if you look at him with enough focus. It is possible assist him if you’re inclined to help offer moral support , and in other cases, by not being present.

If he’s grieving and you’re feeling sorry for him, doesn’t suggest that you must be ashamed and work to get back together as soon as possible.

If you believe that your relationship has become meaningless and that a breakup is inevitable returning to your relationship is not the best idea right now or in the near future. The time will repair the hurts of the heart.

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