14 Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

Signs He Secretly Wants You Pregnant

You’ve been seeing him for quite some time. Even more convincingly, you envision a long and happy future with him as your husband and father of your children.

Bringing up the subject of having children with your partner can be nerve-wracking, especially if they don’t seem enthusiastic about the prospect. Fearing rejection, you ask, “What if they don’t like me?”

To help you make an educated decision about your future with him, we’ll go over some of the warning signs that he really does want to get you pregnant.

Clear signs he secretly wants you pregnant

If he is prepared to be a parent, you will see these traits.

1. He plans for the future

He understands that preparation is required if the family is to grow. The first order of business in baby preparation is ensuring a secure living situation.

I’m curious as to where he sees you two going from here and what his intentions are. When will he reach this point in his career? When does he hope to finally make the plunge into homeownership? Can he afford to start a family at this point?

There are a lot of things to think about before he can even consider getting a bay. This indicates that he will be prepared for these eventualities. The key to understanding his plans is to listen carefully to his everyday chatter.

He will almost certainly drop hints, whether or not he means to. If you pay close attention when he discusses his future plans, you can help him out a lot. Are you a part of it? Is he implying that he plans to finally settle down in his professional life? Is it in his future to become a homeowner? Is there a place for the kids to stay?

When he discusses the future, he will reveal more than he means to.

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2. He talks about financial stability

Having stable financial circumstances is a must if he wants to settle down with you or start a family with you. If he has poor financial prospects, he will not pressure you to marry him. He also won’t try to convince you to start a family with him.

True, love and compatibility are crucial factors in the fulfilment of romantic partnerships. But they won’t be enough to keep you alive on their own. After all, as the saying goes, “money talks.” Money is essential for meeting basic living expenses and making desired purchases. When it comes to the cost of raising a child, he is well aware.

Therefore, if he wants to start a family with you, he will make it clear that he can afford to do so. He might brag about how far he’s come in his career and how he’s saving up to buy a house in a good school district.

There is no intention of bragging or egotism in any of these. He’s just giving you the straight scoop. He hopes you will become pregnant because he is prepared for fatherhood.

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3. He is aware of your ovulation period

He had been viewing sexual activity as nothing more than a means to an end—pleasure. You and your partner had sex whenever the mood struck you, regardless of the time of day or week. You may have noticed a shift in him recently.

He obviously knows when you ovulate and when you have your periods. He may be plotting sex with you in order to conceive. Perhaps it doesn’t matter to you anyway. You’re having the same wonderful time as always. True, it wasn’t until just recently that you began to suspect his motives.

It appears he is hoping for a happy accident by suggesting that you time your sex activities with your menstrual cycle around your ovulating period.

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4. He asks you to stop birth control

It’s no secret to him that you’re using a contraceptive. He probably thinks you don’t want to get pregnant because of this. He may suggest or even directly ask that you stop taking your birth control pills if he wants to have a baby with you.

Most men don’t realize that women take birth control for reasons other than family planning. Like lowering the risk of ovarian cysts and uterine cancer and regulating the menstrual cycle, reducing the severity of menstrual pain, calming hormonal swings, and handling endometriosis.

A woman’s use of the pill as a method of birth control is not a guarantee that she will have no unintended pregnancies. He might tell you to stop taking birth control pills because he doesn’t know about the additional benefits.

Even if you take additional precautions to prevent pregnancy, he may try to persuade you to engage in sexual activity without using protection. The gist of what he’s saying is, “Let’s make a baby.”

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5. He is excited when you miss your periods

A panic attack is guaranteed if he isn’t excited about becoming a parent at this time. In relationships, this is something men fear, especially those men who don’t want children. Not only do they not want children, but they also do not want you to know how strongly they are opposed to the idea. This predicament has heightened their anxiety and agitation.

Indeed, this makes sense. It’s unfair to expect men to start families before they’re ready or certain that their partners are good parents.

But it sounds like your guy was overjoyed to hear the news from you. Until the good news is confirmed, he might not want to show his excitement openly. His daily inquiries into whether or not you are menstruating will drive you crazy. He may even suggest you take a pregnancy test when your euphoria begins to morph into worry.

The results of your pregnancy test will make him even more excited than you are. His reaction to the positive pregnancy test result provides insight into his state of mind.

6. He offers to babysit for a family member

This indicates that he is open to the prospect of having children. He is aware of the difficulty of babysitting. He might not have the time or stamina for it. He does it despite the fact that he doesn’t have to because he enjoys being in the company of young people.

You might think he’s just trying to help out a loved one in trouble. However, his real goal is to gain practical experience working with young people. Before committing to being a father, he wants to test the waters with them.

7. He discusses potential baby names

There is no doubt in his mind that he wants to start a family with you. If he starts talking about baby names, it’s probably because he wants to start a family with you. He’s setting the stage for you to begin considering the issue on your own.

He might even have thought of a few names he likes that would be perfect for his offspring. He’ll be soliciting your feedback and ideas on the matter. He is attempting to gauge your opinion of the situation by doing so.

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8. He starts collecting things for the baby

It’s pretty obvious that he wants to start a family with you if he’s already started buying baby gear. It’s possible he won’t run out and get everything at once. But he’ll start amassing stuff he needs, like clothes and toys.

He’s getting ready for the baby’s arrival by doing this. When that time comes, he hopes to be prepared. It’s possible he’ll begin preparing a room in his house to serve as a nursery.

9. He gets jealous when you talk about other babies

Because he wants to start a family with you, he gets envious when you talk about other people’s new-borns. Because he knows he can’t have a child unless you’re pregnant, he may be subconsciously trying to persuade you to become pregnant.

Even if he doesn’t vocalize his feelings, he’s experiencing them nonetheless. This is how he intends to prove to you that he’s prepared to become a dad. He really wants to have a child with you and bring it up as his own.

As a result, if he starts to show signs of jealousy whenever you bring up other people’s children, you can assume that he’s hoping that you’ll become pregnant soon.

10. He gets excited when he sees babies

Babies bring happiness to the lives of many. That a man wants to settle down and raise a family may be indicated by his interest in them.

For some men, the sight of a baby is a sure sign that they are mature enough to start a family.

He may want to spend more time with you if the thought of this excites him. He may begin to view you more as his child’s mother, which can strengthen your relationship.

If he becomes overly enthusiastic around infants, it’s a strong indicator that he wants a child with you.

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11. He starts dropping hints

A man’s hinting behaviour is often an unmistakable indication that he wants to start a family with you. Maybe he’ll tell you he wants to settle down and have kids. Sometimes he may even inquire as to whether or not you hope to start a family in the future.

These are all hints at how he intends to probe your mind for a response. Having a baby with you is something he may be interested in if he begins to drop hints about it.

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12. He volunteers to hold babies

If he offers to hold babies, that’s a red flag that he wants to have children with you. He is aware that caring for a baby requires a lot of time and energy, and that one person is unable to provide it all.

He’s eager to lend a hand and share in the burdens of fatherhood with you. Also, he enjoys the company of infants. He just can’t help but be smitten by their adorable little faces because they are so soft and cuddly.

Hence, if he’s making overt gestures like offering to babysit or take on diaper duty, it’s because he’s secretly praying that you’re pregnant.

13. He starts taking good care of himself

That he suddenly begins to take better care of himself could be a hint that he wants you to become pregnant.

For the sake of the baby and for his own attractiveness to you, he is committed to maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

One of the most telling signs that he wants to start a family with you is if he suddenly starts taking better care of himself after having been slacking off.

Though there may be other explanations for his shift in attitude, your suspicion that he wants you to have a baby should be taken into account.

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14. He tries to improve his ties with your family

If he has been making an effort to mend fences with your relatives, it could be because he wants to grow closer to you, too.

He might first try to win over your folks on the idea of having a baby with you. Another possibility is that he wants to spend more time with them so that he can feel more integrated into your life.

Maybe he wants to start a family with you if he’s been trying to get to know your loved ones.

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There is a high probability that he secretly wants you to get pregnant, as evidenced by a number of indicators. Keep an eye out for any of these signs in his actions. If he is, he might be ready to settle down with you and have a family.

Explore his position by sharing your own thoughts on the matter with him. Planning for a child can begin if you and your partner are on the same page.

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