40 Texts That Will Make Him Obsessed With You

40 Texts That Will Make Him Obsessed With You

Do you would like to keep your lover engaged? If so, you’ll need to know how to message him in a manner that makes him think of you.

Texting can be a fantastic way to keep in contact with people you’re interested in, or to make a person you are interested in think about your presence even when you’re away. What kind of messages do you need to send your friend to make him think of you?

In this blog, we will go over 40 text messages that can help you achieve this! We will also give suggestions on how to keep your guy attracted to you and keep him keep him coming back to read more.

How do you get him to think of you in the text?

One of the most effective method to make someone think about your presence is sending them a text that they’ll want to respond to. It could be as simple as asking what’s going on in their life or sharing something that has occurred to you.

Another method to get him thinking about you in text messages is to send him a message that can make him smile. Everyone loves laughing and it will keep him in mind of you.

You can even send him a message that’s a bit flirty or intriguing. It will certainly get him thinking about you and may even make him think of you as a person he would love to be with.

There are forty words to make your friend think of you:

  1. What’s up with you today? I’m eager to hear your thoughts.
  2. I had the most wonderful vision of us last night.
  3. I was thinking about the fun we had during the last time we got together.
  4. I’m counting the days to when I’ll be able to meet you again.
  5. Here’s my daily plan for this morning. You me, Netflix, and takeout.
  6. I’m excited to meet you.
  7. I’m always thinking of you.
  8. I’m so eager to meet you in the near future.
  9. I’ve been thinking of you all day.
  10. We can’t wait for the opportunity to chat with you tonight.
  11. I’m falling for you.
  12. I miss you so much.
  13. I’m struggling and could really benefit from your assistance.
  14. I’d love to be hugged by you right now.
  15. You’re the most wonderful thing to ever happen to me.
  16. I’m excited to see you again.
  17. I’m not sure how you manage it but I am very grateful.
  18. I am in love with you.
  19. Thank you for being in my life.
  20. You make me feel so happy.
  21. I am so blessed to be with you.
  22. I am thinking of you and eagerly waiting to see you again soon.
  23. You’ll be able to miss your face.
  24. I wish I were with you today.
  25. I’m so proud.
  26. You’re my absolute favorite person on earth.
  27. I am a huge fan of being with you.
  28. I’m eager for you to speak in the future.
  29. I hope that you’re thinking of me, too.
  30. We appreciate you being an amazing friend.
  31. You make me feel incredible.
  32. I wanted to tell you that I am in love with and miss you at the moment!
  33. I’m looking forward to seeing you again.
  34. I’m so eager to speak with you soon.
  35. You make me feel so happy.
  36. Your smile makes me smile everytime I see it.
  37. Your smile makes my day.
  38. I feel as if I’m on top of the world when I’m with you.
  39. You make me laugh.
  40. I want to let you realize how awesome you are.

Another method to ensure that he’s looking out for you is to ensure you keep things fresh. Send him flirty or romantic text messages, or more exciting, surprise him with an appearance.

Texts that keep him thinking of you all day long

  • Hey, sexy. What do you have to be doing?
  • I’m sure you’ve had a long day. Stop by and I’ll give you back with a massage…naked.
  • You’re the only person who can provide me cuddles and kisses.
  • I’m too far away from you and I’m not happy about it. I would love to be right here with you now.
  • One day I saw my friends looking at you. They were staring at your adorable butt.
  • You’re super sweet and sexy.
  • Are you planning to be in the area tonight? I have something I can offer those who are…
  • There isn’t anyone who could do what you can.
  • I always have you on my mind and I’ve never been able to get my mind off of you.
  • Do we have to cancel our plans and then stay the rest of the day in our beds?
  • You’re far away from me and I’m not happy about it. I would love to be with you right now.
  • When I get to my home, I’d like my pants taken removed and I’d like to see you to be in my bed or kitchen.
  • Have you realized that you’re an incredibly fascinating people I’ve ever met?
  • Someone informed me that they had been with a sexy guy earlier in the day.
  • I’m counting the seconds and can’t wait to see you contact me.
  • You always turn me on.

Also, ensure that you’re always accessible to him. Always be there for him when he needs you, and be accessible for discussions. If you’re able to accomplish all of these things, he will always be thinking of you!

We hope that you enjoyed this blog article and found it useful! If so, forward it to your relatives or friends who may find it helpful. Also, don’t forget to look over out our Hero Instinct 12 Word Text Reviewed article to ensure that he’s always thinking of you. Thank you for taking the time to read!

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