25 Characteristics of a Narcissistic Mother

25 Characteristics of a Narcissistic Mother

Are you a mom who puts her needs first and never comes to help you? Do you find her constantly scolding your actions and makes you feel that you’re incapable of doing anything right? If yes then you might be having a narcissistic mom.

Mothers are thought to be the embodiment of selflessness and unconditional love.

However, there are exceptions to each rule. Mothers can be exactly the opposite of what an ideal mother should behave.

They can create a nightmare for you, as they can ruin the relationships you have with family members members as well as with other people. If you happen to have a parent who is narcissistic the rest of your life will look similar to this or even more so.

As your guardian and parent mom plays an essential part in the development of your child. If the mental state that the mom has is not right and she isn’t able to fulfill her duties correctly. The child can be affected in a variety of ways, with psychological harm is one of the most severe and lasting.

The repercussions of this trauma are evident even when the child develops and becomes an adult.

However, all is not lost for children of parent who are narcissistic. The first step to protect yourself from narcissistic parents is determine their psychological state. Since it is a mental health issue it is essential to depend on the patterns of behavior to identify this. The search for indicators can assist you in identifying her narcissistic character.

This article delve deep into the mind of mothers who are narcissistic and offers some typical behaviors they exhibit. Here are the most notable characteristics of narcissistic mothers , for your reference and easy detection of narcissistic abuse.

25 narcissistic personality traits that are prominent in mothers

1. She doesn’t respect personal boundaries.

Overstepping boundaries and disregarding them is among the most frequent types of abuse committed by an narcissistic parent. The hardest aspect is to make her recognize her errors since she doesn’t see this as a single thing. She is able to force her opinions and opinions on you and isn’t afraid to enter your private space.

A mother who is narcissistic interferes with your life and causes disruptions within it, which can cause sadness and stress for you. If you see this type of behavior within your mom, there’s an excellent chance you’ll find a narcissistic trait in her.

2. She offers you unconditional love.

Mothers all over all over the world are considered to be selfless love and unconditional devotion. They’re willing to take on any task to ensure the safety and security of their children and do not expect any reward from them in exchange. As a child, the mother provides a secure haven in the event that the world is hostile. Her love is guaranteed.

If your mother is able to inflict conditions in exchange for her unconditional love to you, this should be the alarm. If these demands are solely to benefit her and you are able to confirm that she is a narcissist personality. Narcissistic parents are usually angry and furious and get agitated when their demands aren’t fulfilled. They may even exhibit vindictive behavior.

3. She is the victim.

Although she may be in control of your life at all times she’s adept at bending things and playing victim. She might have done or said horrible things, but she’ll be offended by your opposition to her, and will portray herself as the victim.

The most damaging part is that she is doing this in the knowledge that she has done it deliberately to keep the spotlight on her. She can make you feel guilty or creating you to feel sympathy for her by changing the story. Even when she is in a position to do so or says things that hurt you, she’ll change the tables and blame you for not understanding her.

4. She’s good in gaslighting.

What percentage of the time has your story of a traumatic incident been denied outright by your mother? This could make you question whether you’re going mad. It is not a crime to be thinking this way since she’s trying to fool you, and it is an inevitable consequence of it.

Psychological abuse is one of the weapons that parents who are narcissistic prefer to use. She lies , without batting an eyelid to offend you. She lies about her role in the situation. She will make fun of your emotional reactions. If needed she’ll even say that the words she used were not intended to hurt anyone but were spoken in a lighter tone.

5. She’s not consistent in her behaviour.

She’s unpredictable, to put it in a word. The emotions of her are wild, causing disturbances everywhere. At times, she’s a loving , caring mother, however sometimes, she could be a tyrant, manipulative and even vengeful. You don’t know what your position is at any given moment. That makes it challenging for you.

When she is in need of to get something, she’ll be friendly with you. But, in other instances she’ll be hostile to you. If she blows cold and hot it is possible to believe that your actions are the reason behind these uncontrollable shifts.

There is a possibility that you’re not paying attention sufficient to the needs of your loved one. this makes her feel unhappy and depressed. To keep her happy You will strive to keep her happy and lavish her with your affection.

6. She is a straight-talker.

Do you believe everything your mother tells you? If not, it’s because you’ve seen her lying regularly. It is a typical kind of narcissistic abuse.

If things aren’t going your way, the narcissistic mom will use lies and deceit in order to hide her tracks or deflect people from discovering the facts. Their goal is always to present a flawless appearance to others.

7. She’s predisposed.

A narcissistic mom is known to select one child she thinks is her favorite. She doesn’t just adore them but also makes other children blamed for the mistakes of their child.

She is adamant about the family to assist with, defend, and praise her most loved child, even when they don’t want. Any person who disagrees with her about this is likely to be a target for her anger.

When her preferred child isn’t doing well her response is to conceal the incident and let them free of the blame. This causes discord between family members, with her most popular child receiving the bulk of the mother’s affection and other siblings hating her and the child for it.

8. She’s a bit naive.

A mother who is narcissistic might try to portray herself as honest and moral. They are not. The way she behaves is another one characteristic of her. She can be seen as children, fretting and complaining about trivial matters. She pretends to be injured by the words you use however the language she employs with you is more threatening.

You’ll often see her creating plans to get back on others or to get even. Retribution is her motto when you do it the wrong way.

9. She destroys relationships.

In her quest to attract focus, be the center of attention in order to create drama, or get a bad rap A narcissistic mother can end in ruining your relationships and those of your family members. In a family with this type of behavior siblings will struggle to be able to establish a positive relationship with one another.

Narcissistic mothers frequently have their children play against the other in order to make individual gain or to get considered a good mother by one. Additionally, the fact that she will not lie without hesitation can make it difficult to believe anyone.

10. She doesn’t respect your opinion.

A mother who is narcissistic is so self-centered and egocentric she can’t stand up to opposing views. If you do not always are in agreement with her, she’ll spend all of her energy denigrating you and your views. She won’t even take into account any merits to your views.

If you are steadfast in your opinions and beliefs and beliefs, she’ll do to be a mocker and influence you to get you to join her. This can be difficult for a person who is independent.

11. She loves your discomfort and discomfort.

She is your mother , and is required to protect and defend you from harm. Instead, she’ll pull your down every time If you’re not someone who is the “Yes Ma’am” kind. A narcissistic mom can describe herself as a vampire who is a slave to the vulnerability of your feelings and your fears.

This trait makes narcissistic moms both sad and risky. They do not take a dim view of the pain that she’s causing and, sometimes, even enjoys your despair and pain. She’ll be sure to discuss subjects that hurt you , causing you to feel uncomfortable.

If she gets found guilty the woman could explain this as a tactic to make you tougher or even as a joke.

12. She blames her mistakes on you.

If she committed a mistake to you, she’ll alter the facts so that you believe that you’re the one to blame. In many cases, she makes the victim pay for her mistakes and inadequacies. For example when she’s obese and is trying to shed weight, she’ll refuse you fatty and rich food items.

Your behavior towards her tends to reflect what she dislikes about her.

13. She is not reliable and cannot be trusted.

A narcissistic mom alters her behavior towards you in such a way that you aren’t sure what to you can expect of her. It isn’t easy to trust her support and love in all circumstances. It will be difficult to count on her, or be confident in her.

She will lie, blameshifts and is not always able to fulfill her duties. But, she’ll take advantage of you for small errors. She will use you as punching bag to vent her anger and frustration. You’re not surprised that you’re unable to believe her.

14. She’s clumsy and incompetent.

Narcissistic mothers are known to present themselves as super mothers. However, in reality they’re not even close to being this. They are not even able to be described as normal mothers. Since her mind is involved in manipulating other people and manipulating others, she has a difficult time to stay focused and take on her obligations.

For example, she’s incapable of helping you select the appropriate gown for prom, or to choose a suitable present for your birthday as she doesn’t know the real you.

15. She is critical and criticizes you.

Praise is hard to come from a child who is a narcissist. While she may shower praise upon the person you love, she will do it mostly to impress you, not to truly. If you’re in a negative position with her, she’ll take every opportunity to make fun of and degrade you.

She’s not afraid to throw you in the trash or shaming your character in front of others when it is in her favor.

16. She always compares you to her.

She might be comparing you with your children, your siblings or even her own. She doesn’t care about how this affects your self-esteem and confidence. She gets pleasure from the fact that she makes you feel guilty.

17. She’s unsure and anxious.

Insecurity is among the most basic characteristics of a mother who is a narcissist. Because she is self-defeating she takes actions to help her feel more confident. It is usually done by taking advantage of her position in the family, and exercising her control and power over her children.

18. She enlists you in the parenting role.

Because her behavior is undeveloped and unpredictable, you are required to show more maturity when it comes to the relationship you have between you and your mother. For example, she might neglect her duty to give food or medical attention to you. She might even cease giving you money for lunch when she learns that you earn money working in odd tasks.

19. She loves keeping her on a leash.

Controlling her power and authority on her victim is vital to feed the enormous self-esteem of narcissistic mother’s. When she punishes you for minor errors, she is able to terrorize you and gains total authority over you. You’re not allowed to think or act by yourself without her permission.

20. The woman manipulates your mind.

Another characteristic common to mother narcissists, she utilizes this to extract what she needs from you. Manipulation can be explicit or subtle , however narcissistic mothers are prone to this in one manner or another.

21. She is adept at justifying her actions.

There is no one who is flawless or completely free of flaws in behaviour. We all make mistakes from time to time. Parents aren’t any exception to this. When children make mistakes, parents are expected to take the blame and then apologize. But not narcissistic or egotistical parents.

She won’t tolerate the slightest criticism, constructive or not. In most cases, this can make her crazy and she’ll lash out and become angry when you attempt to highlight her shortcomings.

22. Self-centered.

She is so self-centered that she’s focused on herself and her happiness and comfort. She is always focused on herself. Being a narcissist she is a magnet for getting noticed. However, the fact that she is doing this in your face can make it even worse.

She’s the kind of person who is a fan of celebrating special occasions to keep her mind on track. She is a fan of celebrating her birthdays, but when it comes to her birthday she dismisses it as an unnecessary waste of the time as well as energy.

23. She’s nice to you, but only in public.

A narcissist by nature and a Jekyll-Hyde kind of personality that is narcissistic. You can glimpse her good side only out in the open. When she is in private, she does not like you or is rude to you, based upon her attitude and circumstance.

24. She regards you as her opponent.

A mother who is narcissist always wants to display her strength and power. She is not able to accept being insignificant to you. This is why she is extremely competitive. If you have a parent who is narcissistic it could be extremely stressful for children.

To maintain her position of superiority In her effort to maintain superiority over you, she will drag you down and derail your chances. She will accuse you of being foolish, selfish, stupid and an inability to win the battle.

25. She grips you with the grip of a vice.

She doesn’t give any space to you think for yourself as well as make their own choices. Controlling behavior is characteristic of a narcissist.

Each time you attempt to get out of the grip of her, she gets crazy and makes an ugly fight. She’ll turn the tables and accuse you of not paying attention to her. She will make you feel guilty to gain her position.

Final Thoughts on Characteristics of a Narcissistic Mother

Some of these signs could be observed in a non-narcissistic mother too. If you are looking to use these indicators to determine characteristics of your mother who is narcissistic you ought to be able recognize multiple of them. The indicators should be consistent. Also, keep in mind that certain indicators such as control, sadistic tendencies and manipulation are more reliable indicators of narcissistic abuse.

When you have confirmed that you are a parent who is narcissistic If you are a parent with a narcissistic personality, you should measures to protect yourself depending on the age of your child and your dependence on them as well as any overriding or equal control in the life of your.

Remember that mothers can be toxic and hurt you. You have every right to defend your rights against abuse by narcissists. In the face of narcissistic parents, trying to argue with them is not of any value. Actually, these tactics can be counterproductive. Keep your distance in case nothing else does.

In the meantime, you can ask for advice and confidence from someone you can trust.

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