5 Traits of Highly Desirable People

5 Traits of Highly Desirable People

This article we’ll discuss the qualities that desirable people share.

A lot of people believe that the degree of desire is defined by appearance or wealth or power. Sure, there are people who consider these things important, but quite a bit.

What usually distinguishes desirable individuals is a mix of characteristics which have nothing to do with how they look or the status they have.

The most appealing traits of a person are focused upon their character and beauty. Here are some traits that people who are highly sought-after possess in common.

1. Desirable People Are Genuine

“The privilege of a lifetime is to become who you truly are.”
— Carl Gustav Jung

The ability to authenticate is among the most potent traits that one could possess.

Genuine people aren’t afraid of being who are, and therefore they’re spontanious.

They don’t wear an identity or attempt to appear as somebody they’re not.

If they wish to have fun They can, without worrying about what others might consider.

If they wish to share an amusing funny story in order to break the ice in the meeting, they will do it.

They are interested in you and pay you attention, even when they aren’t in need of any assistance from you. This makes them charming.

How do you apply this in an easy to understand way

You can get rid to wear the mask. Are you truly interested in being admired by people who aren’t?

2. Desirable People Communicate Assertively

“Wise men talk because they’ve got something worth saying. Fools do this because they must make a statement.”
— Unknown

The ability to assert yourself is one of the first things that comes to mind when I think of attractive people.

Some people can become aggressive in certain situations.

If something causes them to feel angry they may not be capable of controlling their emotions. As a result, they could become physically and/or verbally aggressive and, as detailed within this article that was published on the University of Kentucky website, share their thoughts and feelings in a manner that violates the rights of other people.

There are those who, because they don’t want to face the issue or person they display behaviours like giving an individual the silent treatment or delaying their efforts.

This type of communication is referred to as “passive-aggressive”.

There are also people who speak up.

They can convey themselves. They are very articulate.

They don’t allow their emotions to override their thinking and always express their points in a professional, clear and concise manner.

Each time they share their views and emotions and opinions, they do so with respect and without compromising the rights of other people.

How can you use this in the simplest terms

When you’re trying to make your point clear Relax and apply to follow the three Cs Rule: remain concise, clear professional, polite, and succinct.

3. Desirable People Are Confident

Flowers don’t consider competing with the flower that is next to it. It simply blooms.
— Zen Shin

Let’s face it, confidence is attractive.

A healthy, positive self-esteem level can help you become more popular because how you see yourself infectious.

In reality when it comes to how we are perceived by others confidence is the most important thing. If you are confident that you are confident, others feel the confidence. If you’re not confident others will feel it too.

People will believe in what you think about yourself.

How can you use this in an easy to understand way

If you’re looking to become more confident with others be quieter and only talk when you have something pertinent and worthwhile to share.

It’s much more enjoyable than speaking constantly, as well as having to be thinking of the correct words to use each time you need to talk.

Before you begin speaking, breathe deeplyYes, just like in the previous paragraphAnd then, speak slow and stay clear and direct.

4. They Have Great Listening Skills

I’ve found out that people forget the things you’ve said. People will forget the actions you took however, they will never forget the way they felt when you touched them.
— Maya Angelou

It may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s definitely worthy of mentioning.

People who listen with a keen ear, provide you with their complete attention and make you feel valued are an absolute cut above.

We are inclined to love them since we feel comfortable in their presence.

If you consider it, being liked by others there’s nothing better than to make people feel good.

In reality, as described by the article published by the BBC The most important rule to follow in good relationships is that If you make people feel comfortable in themselves, they’re likely going to love you.

Achieving outstanding listening abilities is an attractive characteristic since, let’s be truthful, the majority of people are talking about themselves every single day.

How do you apply this in the simplest terms

Do your best to stop the urge to direct conversations to yourself or discuss yourself constantly.

You can ask great questions to start conversations and listen attentively. and ask additional questions and then share your experiences If you wish and then keep your attention on the person you are talking to.

5. They Don’t Try to Impress

We spend money isn’t ours, on things we don’t really need, in order to impress people who don’t care.
— Will Smith

I see it often people who want external validation and strive to impress people constantly. They rely heavily on the acceptance from others to feel content and satisfied.

What I don’t often see as a result is those who don’t attempt to please anyone. They don’t boast. They don’t have to talk too much about themselves.

And it’s not something I’ve ever thought of but I find this to be particularly appealing.

How can you use this in an easy to understand way

Remember that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone else.

The majority of people are so consumed by their own concerns and worry about impressing others and presenting to them that you’re the CEO at XYZ and you have three PhDs, they may forget about that within ten minutes. If you know someone who you must impress, it’s you..

Bottom Line

In a nutshell, these five traits are desirable to people that you can be taught to improve your relationships with others:

  • They are authentic;
  • Communicate assertively;
  • Be confident;
  • You must be able to listen well.
  • And lastly, they don’t want to be awed.

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