4 Characterstics of Highly Admired People

4 Characterstics of Highly Admired People

In this article, we’ll examine the things that the most loved people are in the same boat.

Imagine a couple of individuals you admire. Have you ever considered what they share in common? Have you ever thought about why you are drawn to them at all?

As Paloma Cantero-Gomez explained in Forbes,

admirationis classified as human emotions that is evoked by those who have competence or talent that exceed the norms of common sense.

This description might cause you to imagine people who live a dream life in a beautiful home, in a luxurious automobile, earning 8 figures in a year. What generally these people have in common is a few characteristics that will make them successful -and that the majority of us admire.

1. Admired People Tend to Be Antifragile

Sometimes, you need to go through a few losses for a chance to be reborn and rise up to become a wiser and stronger version of yourself.
— Unknown

I am awestruck by the way the author Nassim Taleb spells out “antifragile.”:

“Some things thrive on shocks. They flourish and expand when exposed to instability or randomness, disorder and stressors. They also are awed by risk, adventure, and uncertainty. However, despite the prevalence of this phenomenon, there’s no word that can describe the opposite of fragile. Let’s call it antifragile. Antifragility transcends the limits of resilience or robustness. The resilient withstands shocks and remains the same; the antifragile grows stronger .”

It is amazing to me how individuals always transform into a stronger and stronger version of themselves when they’ve had difficult times.

In reality, the internal strength is what makes me admire them because it’s a superpower they possess, one that only a few possess.

These individuals not only make it to face and overcome their most difficult challenges, but in a way, they make them stronger.

The lessons they learn are from the mistakes of their past, and take setbacks as lessons or opportunities.

How do you apply this?

Find the opportunity in every situation. Remember that failure is a necessary part of development and success.

2. Admired People Are Consistent and Self-Disciplined

The definition of success isn’t always about being the best. It’s about the sameness of your efforts. Work hard and consistently leads to the success you desire. The best will be achieved.
— Dwayne Johnson

Self-control is among the most difficult skills to master and master. It’s very easy to think “today I’ll skip,” or “I see no results, this isn’t for me, I’m going to give up.” Most people tell themselves these thoughts, but it’s not always true.

Only a few are truly self-motivated and consistent, and they keep striving for their goals, no matter what.

Let me provide you with an example. I have a close friend, Anangsha Alammyan who is among the most faithful people I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing.

Her writing has gone on for a long period on Quora as well as through this website, as well as on LinkedIn but without expecting immediate results.

The post was still being posted even though she didn’t get any engagement, even though she was tired and all the while working full-time work.

You can guess what? Just a few months ago she was able to quit her job. She’s now a successful freelancer , having more than 58K fans on Quora -and she’s also verified — 25K people follow this platform. And every time she publishes something on LinkedIn she is greeted with a plethora of comments and views.

Her determination and self-control evidently earned her a reward. Also, I admire her because she’s a role model to emulate.

How to apply this

You may think, “OK, wonderful, I have to be like Anangsha, I have to be more consistent and self-disciplined, but how can I actually put that into practice?”

The answer is not an easy task but it’s certainly possible.

To stay consistent, it’s important to determine a handful of important goals you’d like to achieve By focusing too many tasks is where the majority of people fail and so pick just a few real and motivating objectives.

Once you’ve completed this, you need to determine the patterns that, in the event of repetition every day or every week can lead you to your goal.

For instance, you could write daily blog posts and reading self-improvement material every day for 30 mins Not smoking, and not drinking alcohol.

3. They Are Passionate

Energy is passion. Experience the power when you focus on the things that excite you.
— Oprah Winfrey

Another thing that the most admirers tend to share is their enthusiasm for life, for all that they do, and for the things they’re learning.

I would like to think of my enthusiasm as an innate power because when you’re passionate over something, it can help you accomplish amazing things, you travel further and it feels effortless.

“Passion” acts like a unique fuel that allows you to remain consistent and be a believer in your goals no matter what. You will never run out of it.

The most well-liked people possess that unending supply of fuel. That’s why they appear to be ahead of all others.

How do you apply this?

Find out what really your passions are and devote your energy and time to it. Take a break from all the things you believe you need to do but don’t contribute any value in your daily life. Be focused on what truly brings you joy.

4. They Harness The Power of Dissatisfaction

As I wrote in an earlier blog post that being unhappy isn’t necessarily a sign of weakness. Actually according to Brianna Wiest described in Forbes this week, it’s something that the majority of successful people share.

Discontentment with your current situation encourages you to be better every day and be the best version of yourself..

There’s an Japanese concept that is connected to this idea that I love. It’s known as Kaizen It can be described as HTML1;means to change your life to improveand it is a reference to the idea of constant improvement in all areas that you live in.

How to apply this

Implement the concept of kaizen to your daily life. Make a habit of looking for the things you could do better, even if you do well at something.

Be sure to do it in positive manner, never losing sight of what you have accomplished and use this practice as a means to constantly enhance every aspect that you live in.

What Admired People Have in Common: Bottom Line

In the end what follows are the characteristics that people who are loved by others are likely to share:

  • Antifragility,
  • Discipline and discipline;
  • Passion for their lives;
  • Dissatisfaction.

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