7 Habits of Highly Charming People: What They Never Do

Maria, living in my apartment in my hometown of Rome is an extremely charming and smart woman who is in her seventies. She is as lively as an 18-year-old. And she’s one of the adorable people that everyone wants spending time with.

After an extremely long lockdown, was finally able into Rome. I was devastated, since my grandfather was passing away in his sleep, and I had not had the chance to see him in person for one last visit. After I returned back home, I bumped into Maria.

I was invited to visit her home for a chat over tea. Then she asked me what I was feeling and I shared with her what I felt.

In that instant, I realized I needed to speak. Since I didn’t want me to take over the conversation I asked her how she did.

She listened briefly, she then calmly directed the conversation back to me since she was aware of the need to vent.

Many people would have advised me ways to cope with grieving, but then they would have switched the topic. Maria was insistent that I talkabout it, and then she simply did it with complete attention.

Here’s What Charming People Never Do

Like my friend, people like him are very rare. One thing they do share is that they do not display any annoying characteristics and seldom do these things.

1. They Never Talk Over You

Certain people are known to tend to talk over you, before you even complete your sentence. I do not know about you but I find this to be quite irritating.

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Maria will not interfere with your conversations. I’ve always seen it as an indication of maturity, confidence, and knowledge. She’s not just courteous; she listens to what you’ve got to say.

If she doesn’t agree her opinion, she won’t rush to explain her viewpoint. She works hard to comprehend your point of view instead. According to Stephen Covey’s advice in his book Seven Habits of Highly Effective People She tries to comprehend and later be recognized.

How can you avoid this harmful habitin a short summary:

When you’re about interrupt someone, keep in mind that you’re bound to miss a bit of the conversation and that your response may be insignificant. Be sure to let them complete their sentences before you even making your decision. You’ll be able to be able to avoid losing a crucial element of their message and you’ll be able give an informed and well-thought-out answer.

2. They Never Redirect the Conversation to Them

People attempt to divert the conversation towards themselvesoften to prove that they are more knowledgeable about an area, but sometimes to show that they’re superior.

“Next summer my husband and I are going to Cuba for a couple of weeks.”

“Oh that’s so nice. My husband and me thought about visiting Cuba as well, but we decided to travel to the Bahamas as it’s more comfortable and safer in the Bahamas. We’ll be there for three weeks. Two weeks is not enough for us.”

In fact, as John P. Weiss explains in one of his essays that many conversations seem more like games that are disguised as conversation. Everyone is thinking and planning their next idea and not being attentive to the person who is speaking.

People like Maria are the exact opposite rather. When you ask them questions they will give you an interesting and thoughtful response that might involve themselves however they will always turn the conversation back to you.

How can you stop this bad behavior, in a nutshell:

Do not waste your time and effort to show that you’re betterthan others, since it won’t inspire others to admire you. Actually, it could cause people to find you irritating. Make your conversation enjoyable, not. Develop the habit of focusing on your conversation partner while making them feel appreciated.

3. They Never Judge Others

According to what Mark Metry recently wrote“Everyone has a tendency to complain about someone else at times but it’s all part of being human. However, some people have an enduring habit of talking behind the back of others and making them feel bad typically because of jealousy.

This is detrimental to relationships.

When I think of my last conversation with Maria The first thing that pops into my mind in my head is how I felt. What I wanted to discuss was a sensitive and crucial subject for me. it was not something that I could easily discuss.

I felt comfortable. I can remember feeling like I was me and be myself without the need to wear an “mask.” The reason I felt this way was due to the fact that I’d never heard her talk about negative things about other people. Therefore I was sure she wouldn’t criticize me.

How can you avoid this harmful behavior, in a nutshell:

If you’re not openly judging other people all the time It’s much easier to gain the trust of others and befriend them. Let go of the urge to be judgmental of others, and realize that you don’t necessarily know what’s behind people’s decisions and actions. In reality, I would think that 99% of the times, you don’t have a idea of what’s going on.

4. They Don’t Repeatedly Misspell or Mispronounce Your Name

The mistake of spelling someone’s name wrong or mispronouncing it at any time is a thing that could happen. If you do it more than once you’ll give an impression that you aren’t concerned about the issue.

The ability to recall names is a characteristic that the majority of popular people share. It isn’t always naturally to them but they do look for ways to assist them. If they’re not sure of how to spell or pronounce a name they can simply inquire.

How can you avoid this harmful habitin a short summary:

A friend of mine said that the simplest method of memorizing the name is to repeat it towards the person who we’re talking with.

If you meet someone the first time, and the person introduces themselves to you, you should try to spell the name of the person you are meeting.

“Nice to meet you, I’m Lara!” “Nice to meet you too, Lara, I’m Sira.”

Once you’ve said the name of your child loudly it will be more easy to remember it.

5. They Never Invite Other People Without Asking if You Are Okay With That

We were once invited Maria to a dinner with the family to celebrate Christmas. Unfortunately, her sister just lost her husband and she was on her own the day. Therefore, Maria politely asked if her sister would be able to join in. We clearly were in agreement.

I’ve been in the exact opposite. I once had a close friend who, when I hosted an evening at my home with a group of guests, invited additional friends to join her without asking me. She would declare “Hey Sira! Francesca, Giovanni and Luca are also coming.”

At first I was silent at first even though her conduct irritated me. Later, I reached the point at which I had to speak up because my home was small and didn’t have enough space for the number of people.

There’s a distinction between telling someone else that you are coming and asking to invite others. It’s a common practice and is a proper manners. It is rude to not ask.

How to stop this bad habitin a short summary:

Some people don’t like gatherings in groups. Certain people are just reserved. however, this doesn’t mean that they aren’t socializing however it could be a challenge for them. Be aware of this.

6. They Don’t Use Their Phone While You Are Talking to Them

If you go to Facebook and other popular social media platform when someone is speaking to you, or if you’re within their company, what you’re communicating to them is that you’re not really interested in the person or their story and aren’t interested in what they may be saying. You’re not giving them your full attention, which everybody deserves.

Maria is very active on social media. However, she doesn’t check her Facebook page at least every 2 minutes. particularly when someone is speaking to her. I haven’t seen her with her phone when I am at work. This speaks volumes about the type of person she’s.

If all of us were Maria and her family, we’d have a more peaceful world.

How to stop this bad behavior, in a nutshell:

When you’re with someone else put your phone in your purse or your pocket. Being sure to keep it out of view will allow you to get rid of it for a few minutes and concentrate on enjoying your time with the people you’re with. This is how delightful individuals do.

7. Another Thing They Never Do Is Seeing Your Messages and Not Responding

A person similar to Maria always respond to messages. They’ll never see messages from you and then not respond. Reacting to messages is a standard practice, but I’ve seen many people do this, and repeatedly.

It’s like a trend that’s new.

Recognizing the message of someone else is a healthy and simple practice that we all should adopt.

It’s a matter of being respectful and polite. If you’re wondering if it’s too late to respond to a message that you received just two days ago, take a look at this: it’s more appropriate to respond, even days later — with a sincere apology rather than not responding at all.

How can you avoid this harmful habitin a short summary:

Always respond to emails and messages immediately after you have go through them. So that you don’t be able to forget to reply to messages, and, more importantly, you’ll establish a habit of good behavior. Reacting to messages is a mark of politeness and integrity.


Two common characteristics of people who are charming is respect as well as common sense.

What we do will increase our likability and make us more likable to others However, sometimes it’s not what we do that will make us stand out.

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