How to Have a Pleasant Personality: 5 Secrets of Charming People

How to Have a Pleasant Personality: 5 Secrets of Charming People

In this article , we will discuss how to develop an attractive personality. In particular, we’ll give you five ways to attract attention.

It’s difficult to determine the meaning of pleasantmeans and especially for when used in order to define people, since it’s subjective.

But, we can certainly recognize an amiable person when they’re around us.

They are able to illuminate the room and lift the spirits of those in the room. They’re charming.

Here are a few of the things they be different, and you can master to build an attractive personality.

How to Have a Pleasant Personality: 5 Key Habits

1. People who make you feel confident about your self

In the past, while doing an internship in the summer I came across Laura. Laura was working within my department in a different country, and she came to our facility over the course of two weeks.

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One day, we met for a cup of coffee. She started asking me questions regarding my study and how it was going.

I explained to her that I had an undergraduate degree in translation and languages and was enrolled for a master’s level in business administration. I was a bit uncomfortable because my path was not that straight as most people think.

My master’s degree was totally unrelated to my previous studies and the majority of people would question me — with a an unsure look at their faces what made me choose something that was distinct from the other languages. Therefore, I was conditioned to thinking that it was something that I was required to hide.

Laura rather than me, said she was awed. She was genuinely impressed that, rather than following the same path as all the others, I decided to pursue my interests.

She’d done something similar she also had an academic degree in the field of history as well as another in engineering.

She told me “You should not be embarrassed. If you’re interested in a variety of topics and have a vast knowledge of various areas, that means you’re a polymath just like me. You should be proud of that , my dear friend.”

It made me feel happy about myself. It was the first time I felt this way I’ve ever felt this way in my entire life.

How do you apply this in the simplest terms:

We all want to feel appreciated and valued However, it’s not always occur.

The world is too consumed with their own problems and lives to take time to notice every person they come across.

This is where youcan change the world. Make it a habit to see the positive in everyone and sharing your positive thoughts about them.

2. They treat you as an old-fashioned friend.

“Old friends remind us what it’s like to live with nothing to prove.”- Unknown

People who are friendly will make you feel relaxed.

When you’re in their company, it’s like talking to an old friend, as they’re treating you as one.

That’s the way I feel when I met Laura. I didn’t know her at all in early on, yet over these weeks, I got to become more familiar with her and felt more connected to her than I’ve ever connected with people I’d known for so long.

For instance at the beginning of the day she would arrive at my desk to inform me that it was time to take an afternoon break.

In our conversations during our conversations, she always displayed a genuine interest in the things I said and she never checked her phone.

She always gave me her full attention. And I was confident that I could feel comfortable around her since she was among the most open-minded individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.

How do you apply this in the simplest terms:

Develop the habit of initiating conversations with other people and not waiting on people to reach out to you.

When you’re talking with someone, make sure you give your full attention to them, always. Turn off your mobile and check your notifications later. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification questions.

Also, get rid on the urge to be a judge People tend to become more relaxed and more quickly when they believe they can be yourself around you.

3. They are able to laugh at themselves

“It was the way you laughed, I knew I wanted that in my life.”– R. M. Drake.

People who be funny with themselves have the je what-ifthat helps the difference.

They demonstrate that they don’t take themselves too seriously, and they don’t attach much weight to minor errors.

The fact that they are able to smile at themselves shows confidence since it indicates that they don’t care over what other people might think of them.

It also shows that they’re not scared of making a bad impression.

How can you use this in the simplest terms:

It’s not the way that things happen to you that determines your character as an individual. The way you respond can reveal a lot about your character.

In the event that you spill your beverage onto yourself, then just be funny with yourself. Did you slip? You laugh again. This isn’t the end of the road.

4. You feel accepted

Are you aware of what makes us feel comfortable with anyone?

It’s not about feeling appreciated, or seen or valued. It’s being accepted.

In the words of Leon F Seltzer PhD explained in Psychology Today, for the majority of people being acknowledged is more important than feeling loved.

If you think you’re with someone who isn’t understanding your feelings and you don’t feel they understand, the relationship between you and the person is immediately broken.

Friendly people place themselves in the shoes of you. They pay attention.

They are compassionate and, as we previously mentioned, they generally do not judge. We feel a sense of belonging by them.

We tend to be comfortable with them.

How do you apply this in simple terms:

If you’ve read a few of my writings and you’ve probably spotted the Stephen Covey quote I am in love with (and I’ve mentioned it frequently):

Listen with the intention of be able to understand, not with the intention to respond.

Make sure that others feel valued and your life will change.

5. They are intrinsically generous

If there’s one thing I admire in other people it’s generosity, as it’s not often.

The world we live in is a very fast hectic, bustling, and chaotic world. We all have concerns and problems. The majority of us are exhausted. This is why we frequently forget how great it feels to be able to give.

The truth is that giving is what makes us feel happy..

This is why people who are pleasant find great pleasure when they give and do things for others.

They do not fear receiving nothing in return They perform things with kindness and love.

How do you apply this in simple terms:

The main reason we aren’t able to stop ourselves from giving generously is the anxiety about being exploited.

Eliminate that anxiety. Be able to share and experience the satisfaction in giving.

How to Have a Pleasant Personality: Final Thoughts

Here’s a brief summary of the habits that people who have a positive personality are known to have and how you can be a part of their group:

  • They can make you feel great about yourself.
  • It’s as if you’re talking to an old friend.
  • They can make fun of themselves
  • You feel comfortable;
  • They are by nature generous.

Once you have learned the best way to build a positive personality You can begin to implement the suggestions we’ve provided to you. Please discuss your experiences and ideas by leaving a comment.

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