50 Things Narcissistic Mothers Say

Things Narcissistic Mothers Say

What can we tell about mothers who are narcissistic? The most common way is through their words to us.

Narcissistic personality disorder can also be evident in the form of behavioral characteristics, however it is susceptible to interpretation. However the spoken word provides more trustworthy evidence in this case.

The words used as well as the tone and facial expressions that go with it all can help us recognize the narcissists within us. If the expressions are consistent to the behaviour of the personin question, we can make sure of our conclusion.

We’re dealing with the narcissistic mothers in this piece. The language mothers use to their children in order to ensure they are in control are based on a certain pattern. A majority of these words or commands are intended to guilt-trip control, and even cause a gaslighting effect on their children.

A common characteristic among those with narcissistic personality disorder is that they keep their focus on their own self. This is why they make use of”I” and “me. “I” and “me” significantly more often than they normally.

Find out the most common things that narcissistic mothers are known to say.

A few examples of things that narcissistic moms have to say

The examples are grouped together according to the reason for using them.


Narcissistic mothers make use of criticism to make you feel less confident and to hinder your achievements. They fear they won’t be able manage you if you reach the potential you have. By continually shaming you and pointing out your weaknesses as well as shortcomings, narcissistic parents seek to keep you confined to them.

  1. “I don’t believe that this guy is good. Don’t take a trip together with him.”
  2. “Why do you work at this place? It’s not good enough. It’s time to quit your job.”
  3. “Do you realize that your acquaintances are taking advantage of you? It is time to cut connections from them.”
  4. “I don’t understand how your partner can tolerate you.”
  5. “You were never considered brainy or sharp.”
  6. “You’re too slow. We’re all waiting for your return.”


Narcissistic mothers typically employ this tactic to make you feel guilty , even when you’re not the one to blame. It is usually employed to shift blame onto themselves or their loved ones. This has a major impact on your mental wellbeing.

  1. “You’ll feel sad when I’m no longer here.”
  2. “You don’t answer my calls, or even come for an appointment. You’re aware that I’m by myself.”
  3. “I’m going to die alone.”
  4. “You’re responsible for your parent’s divorce.”
  5. “I gave up my job for you.”
  6. “Why you don’t have children? I’d like to see my grandchildren.”


Gaslighting is one method employed by parents who are narcissistic to deceive you into believing you are not. You’ll become so confused, you’ll start to doubt your mental sanity and even memory. Mental health issues are sure to be impacted as a result.

  1. “You misheard me. It’s not what I meant to say.”
  2. “You’re too ignorant. He didn’t say this was what he was saying.”
  3. “What is going on? What’s wrong with you? this?”
  4. “You have misunderstood my words. This is not what I was saying.”
  5. “That was never the case. It’s just your imagination.”
  6. “You have no clue what you’re talking about.”

Drama queen

Narcissists are often associated with drama. They love drama because they ensure that all attention stays only on them. Narcissists will do whatever it takes to ensure that they are the center of attention.

  1. “My daughter won’t allow me anywhere near her children.”
  2. “I just had my hair done and my daughter told me it looks terrible.”
  3. “No member of the family visited me in the hospital. What if I’d been killed?”
  4. “Today it’s my birthday and no one remembered it.”
  5. “I was stumbling and bent my ankle on the day before. I was not helped by anyone.”
  6. “Your father never approved of your choice of husband.”

Doing nothing to alleviate your feelings

Every narcissistic parent is interested in advertising themselves. They do not care about the wellbeing that their kids. They are worried about their own feelings as well as what others think of their feelings. In addition to boosting their own emotions they could also trample yours.

  1. “Why? Can’t I even joke?”
  2. “Why are you making such a fuss about this?”
  3. “This is for your own good.”
  4. “Just get older. This isn’t a problem.”
  5. “What is the issue? I don’t have any clues.”
  6. “Can’t you just put this silly episode behind you?”

Blackmailing on the emotional level

Another type of guilt-tripping. If you don’t perform something you had agreed to perform for them because of insufficient time or a similar circumstance, your narcissistic parents will make sure you pay for your indifference. Remember, you were entitled to decline her request.

  1. “I’m throwing a party and you’re in charge of decoration.”
  2. “I’m planning to go on a vacation and I’ve no one else to accompany me.”
  3. “If you don’t take me to the hospital, I’m going to die at home.”
  4. “Pick me up now or I’ll have to suffer the rush-hour public transport.”
  5. “If you won’t agree to water my plants, I’ll have to cancel my vacation plans.”

Negating your self-esteem

Narcissistic individuals know that they are able to hold you in their grip when level of confidence is not high. They’ll do everything they can to present you in a negative image and undermine the self-worth of you. Continuous criticism could mean that your confidence is low.

  1. “How I wish you’re never born!”
  2. “No one likes you.”
  3. “No wonder your friends run away from you.”
  4. “You’re never going to find love.”
  5. “It’s embarrassing to call you my daughter.”


This is the mark of parents who are narcissistic. They are averse to playing favorites and turning their children against one another to gain advantage the situation. They are narcissistic and constantly change their favorite toys and you’re always in doubt whether you’ll receive her support or if she’ll make you the victim.

  1. “Your Brother is performing great at school. What’s wrong?”
  2. “Have you heard my friend’s son got placed with Google?”
  3. “Your wife and her friend are a great couple. When do you intend to tie the knot?”
  4. “Why do you not exercise to make a change? You’re so ugly. Aren’t you able to draw inspiration from Your sister?”
  5. “Your sister comes to visit me on a weekend. Are you planning your next trip?”

You are the best at one-upmanship

Mothers are expected to show unconditional love and support to their children. But, parents who are narcissistic may not be able to provide this since they view everyone, including their children as their adversaries. They always strive to be the most successful and be above all others. In their attempts to make a name for their own self-importance, they tend to degrade their children.

  1. “I was more beautiful when I was younger.”
  2. “I cleared this exam with better scores.”
  3. “Even today, I look better than you.”
  4. “Didn’t you glance in the mirror prior to stepping out? It’s a terrible appearance.”
  5. “I’ve better fashion sense than you.”

Last thoughts on narcissistic mother

You’re her preferred punching bag. It seems like she is there every day to make you feel like she’s bringing you down. It can be very difficult to you when you were a young person. However, the effects of being a victim of a selfish parent could persist into adulthood.

If she’s identified as having a narcissistic personality disorder not, you can tell that she’s prone to narcissism. instead of waiting on a mother who is a narcissist to overcome this affliction or recognize her error and make amends, you could be the mature one with whom she is in a relationship.

You might not be able control the way she behaves, but you are able to determine how you’re going to respond to her. It’s how you deal with your narcissistic parents that is important. You can decide to distance yourself from her, or to cut her out completely from your existence.

You have the authority to make this choice. Don’t let her convince you to change your mind.

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